Monday, April 14, 2014

Two-kid weekend

Slow weekend around here for me, James, and Mary because Ryan and the big kids went on a Cub Scout campout Friday afternoon while the little ones were napping.  I finally got bored with the quiet house and woke them up around 6 so we could go pick up some pizza at my favorite place for dinner.

We got the pizza and then got back in the car and then James asked if we could go to the playground I said "SURE!" much to his utter surprise.

We don't do fun and creative things anymore now that we are living in a permanent state of survival mode.  But OF COURSE I CAN TAKE TWO KIDS TO THE PLAYGROUND.  Some things just don't seem as hard as they once did.  So we had a pizza picnic on the playground and it was lovely.  I didn't bring Mary anything for dinner but she managed to inhale an entire piece of James's froufrou coal-fired oven gourmet cheese girl pizza, one pea-sized bite at a time.

My sole responsibility all weekend. Their needs are delightfully simple.

I was putting the (TWO) kids to bed when my friend C texted to say "I'm on my way over, what kind of wine do you want?"  Which was AWESOME.  She even brought POPSICLES.  I do NOT like being alone in the house at night and we had SO MUCH FUN.  Even more amazing is the fact that she is a self-proclaimed introvert and lives thirty-five minutes away. 

Saturday morning we were due to go to the church to plant flowers in preparation for Easter Sunday. James was highly excited about it and I planned to spend the whole morning there and then have a picnic before naptime. The first thing that happened when we got there was that James had a massive potty accident in the cry room bathroom because he couldn't find the light switch. The rest of the ninety minutes he spent wandering around complaining about being cold and bored and wanting a second donut. Somehow I managed to plant a flat of pansies and weed a large flowerbed before Mary started flipping out and I decided I was going to beautify the church by taking my children home for a nap. James complained the whole way home because "I wanna plant fow-wers at chuch!" Headdesk.

Saturday night we had dinner with a friend at a cool restaurant with a slide and by Sunday morning I was starting to feel sad every time I came across a Harry Potter book or an enormous Croc or a superhero costume. Luckily the other half of the family made it home around nine thirty seeming taller than ever.

James helped Mary with a snack while I made dinner. Does not do justice to the amount of Cheerios on the floor.

No one came when I called the big kids in for dinner so I went into the living room to find this:

Charley's car was careening driverless around the track while Wes's was smashed up against a guardrail. Drowsy driving kills. Charley woke up and ate dinner but Wes slept through until eight fifteen this morning, fifteen hours later. Camping is fun and exhausting. Possibly because they had an Easter egg hunt IN THE DARK.

And did...this...whatever it is looks like fun.

This morning we woke up to thunder and then the temperature dropped from 71 to 55 in a matter of thirty minutes. By the time we went to preschool dropoff it was pouring torentially with intermittent hail, thirty-mile per hour winds, and frequent lightning. I had to throw my shoes back into the car and drop the kids off barefoot because there was a six inch deep puddle covering most of the ground between my car and the school. It was chaos, but now I am home and Mary is sleeping and I've made a cup of coffee and thrown in a load of laundry and plan to outline a lab book for my spring course that I am super geek-excited about. A lovely morning is in store, in other words.

Update: It is now FORTY SIX DEGREES. What in the world.


Anonymous said...

I'm just loving this blog! Constant reminders that despite all the mayhem, parenting is fun.

An anonymous lurker

Sarah said...

So fun!