Monday, April 7, 2014

So very sleepy

Got up way early this morning because Mary woke up at 5:00 and decided NOW IS THE TIME TO ROLL ONTO MY BELLY AND ATTEMPT TO GET UP ON ALL FOURS.  And then when she couldn't get back onto her back she screamed hysterically until I arrived to feed her back to sleep.  And then I couldn't go back to sleep.  Ninety minutes later I had just conked out when my alarm went off.  I hit snooze, but five minutes after that James was standing next to my bed asking "I can come out of my room?  It morning now?  I can get up?"  He finally wandered off but was back ten minutes later asking Ryan "I can eat this huge cracker?  I can eat this?  Papa I can eat this?" as he waved a graham cracker at Ryan's sleeping face.

Then Ryan got in the shower and I went downstairs to be verbally abused while I made breakfast and lunches.  It was a good morning.

(Charley was cooperative.  Wes and James could've used an espresso or two.  Or should've gone back to bed.  Or just to stop yelling and throwing things.  James whipped Wes with his pajama top so many times I ripped it out of his hand and threw it in the trash can.  And then I took five minutes to make a cup of coffee because that may have been a slight overreaction.)


I think this was on Saturday.  LOOK HOW NO ONE IS FIGHTING.  Ahhh.  (Things did not stay this placid on Saturday OMG)

Not suitable for children under 3 (who are only children).

We impulsively got in the car and went to Orange Leaf Sunday afternoon then realized it was 5 pm.  Oops.  ICE CREAM FOR DINNER, EVERYONE!  Charley was pretending to be a bird.  CAW CAW!

More Orange Leaf.  Mary did not have ice cream, sadly.  Though she did eat another half cup of refried beans this weekend.  She seems to enjoy them more than applesauce.  Texas baby.

Aww, look how nicely they're sitting!  And look how grown up James looks!  (Shortly after this was taken all three of them were fighting over my lap.) Every Sunday the head pastor approaches Ryan as he processes out during the last song and says "PHEW! Made it one more time!" Indeed.


Brooke said...

The pajama top whipping made me laugh. Sounds exhausting but never boring!

Sarah said...

haha "who are only children"

I make my coffee the night before b/c in the morning I only have the presence of mind to smack the button!

Meredith said...

Love your sandals!

Rima said...

I cannot believe how big your kids are getting! I remember when Charlie was a baby and you had a toilet in your foyer!!!