Thursday, April 24, 2014


It's day four of my solo-parenting sentence and I must say doing the whole morning scramble ALONE is a HUGE DRAG.  If by drag you mean what I have to do to my sixty pound seven year old to get him out of his bed, which is five feet off the ground.  Between Archie Bunker lying prone on the kitchen table moaning about how much school sucks and James riding his bike in circles around the already too small kitchen floor it's all I can do to push the flashing blue button on the Keurig.  Thank goodness for that thing, right?  Mornings are special special special.

I am at work now (after emptying all the upstairs trash cans, unloading the dishwasher, starting a load of laundry, making the beds, making/cleaning up breakfast, changing kids' pants, changing kids' clothes, changing MY clothes, straightening the pantry/laundry room so my friends who are coming over tonight don't call the EPA, and putting away all manner of random crap that is all the freak over my house).

I have never really thought about how much I love work.  Work work work.  So quiet!  So predictable!  So CLEAN!  Sure, I got to drink sangria in my driveway yesterday afternoon with my neighbors, which is awesome, but then I was also responsible for THE CRABBY BROTHERS and all of their FIGHTY FIGHTY GOODNESS.

The only problem with this utopian wonderland my closet-turned-office has become is that I am OUT OF CAFFEINE.  No via, no ground coffee.  I scrounged an Earl Gray teabag out of the back of my desk drawer and was headed upstairs to get some hot water when I noticed that there is MOLD GROWING IN MY COFFEE CUP.  So that's a nonstarter.

The other nonstarter is that I have this entire afternoon blocked off to work on this project that I am excited about working on with someone I am VERY excited and honored to be working with but that has taken me more than TWO YEARS to get started.  SO MORTIFYING YOU GUYS.  SO MORTIFYING.  The last time we spoke in person I was about twelve weeks along with Mary and FOR SOME REASON (related to me being a moron) I didn't think this was important information to relay to her.  The fact that I still haven't mentioned the fact that I have a fourth child to this person is something of a massive embarrassment that I'm not sure how to fix.  If you were wondering, I did send an email several months ago to apologize for my extremely slow progress on our project and while that would have been an awesome time to let the cat out of the bag, I didn't, for some reason I will never understand but that is probably related to Sheryl Sandberg.

Also, this person followed me on Twitter and my handle is my blog name* so I think that means this person is at least aware of this blog so this might be a moot point.

*I haven't Tweeted in like eighteen months either

So anyway, I have this entire afternoon blocked off for the purpose of getting my ass in gear re: project of neverending procrastination and THE FREAKING NATIONAL CLIMATIC DATA CENTER WEBSITE IS NOT WORKING.  GAAAAAAH.  Not sure what to make of this except working at a plant nursery is sounding pretty pretty awesome right now.


Brooke said...

I now feel vaguely alarmed that the National Climatic Data Center website is not working.

Also: I'm reading Arianna Huffington, which is a nice complement to Sheryl Sandberg. I do think you are Thriving, even with the Crabby Brothers.

Erica said...

When I saw your name pop up on Twitter the other day I thought "Hey, Becca is on Twitter!" and then I realized I've been following you for like three years, so we are both very on top of things there.

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