Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brain dump mishmash!

Wow, you guys, I can't believe I haven't posted anything in more than a week.  It's because after that blissfully easy two-kid weekend the freaking wheels flew off and it was ALL CHAOS ALL THE TIME.  Ryan's been working late every night (after coming home to help with dinner and bedtime, he's not a monster) and the kids were in general really squirrely and fighty all last week which together with Ryan's work pressure and the fact that one or more kids had trouble sleeping EVERY SINGLE NIGHT... KABOOM!!

AND THEN things got really exciting Friday morning when I finally heard back from an editor about a paper I'd submitted ELEVEN MONTHS AGO and when I clicked through to the review it was a KIND OF HORRIBLE revise and resubmit.  So that lent a festive air to the holiday weekend.

Photographic hilarity from Easter coming soon!  Ryan took his camera with him ON HIS TWO WEEK TRIP OUT OF STATE.

Oh, did I not mention that Ryan's company was sending him to South Carolina for two weeks?  Probably because the very thought of it made me have heart palpitations.  And not the good kind of heart palpitations.

He left Monday morning.  Sunday after church I was looking meaningfully into the eyes of any sympathetic-looking friend and said "I'm signing people up to come help me with bedtime.  You can do Mary!  I'll do the boys."  If they laughed, I laughed too.  If they hesitated even for a nanosecond, I took their hand and said "HOW'S THE 24th?  GREAT!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

My friend J came over last night to help and instead of the cuddly baby I'd promised she got hysterical screaming all the way through jammie and diaper change and the first part of bottle time.  But you can't scare my friend and she soldiered on and managed to get Mary to sleep.  Meanwhile, I herded Charley, Wes, and James through piano, showers, teeth, jammies, stories, and bed, which is NO SMALL FEAT.

 Monday morning while we were waiting for Charley's ride to school (another favor I asked of a friend, really working the village this week) Charley and I shot baskets in the driveway and he talked to me about school.  The weather was just right and Charley was so happy and relaxed.  It was so nice.  Then he left for school and I went inside to find no sign of James.  When I asked Wes about it he said "He's upstairs eating cupcakes" without even taking his eyes off of the TV.  Sure enough when I rounded the corner at the top of the stairs there was an entire cupcake's worth of frosting lying on the carpet followed by two cupcake bottoms, completely licked clean.  When I opened the bathroom door, James was standing there with a fistful of green frosting.  He explained "I washing my hands, Mom."  When I turned around Wes was eating frosting off the carpet.

Today at work I investigated the possibility of taking Reviewer #2's helpful advice to "Redo your simulation as it is invalid".  Did I mention that timeline I was given to "Redo my simulation," the simulation I based a good third of my dissertation on, that took me several years to develop, was TWO WEEKS?  I managed to read the two papers the reviewer suggested, and those were helpful, but the simulation thing was not happening.  We'll see where that goes.  Into the trash is what I'm thinking.  I am surprisingly not that upset about it.  I've got some other stuff going on that might one day be publishable, but for now?  I've got two preps (four counting labs AND I DO) and a summer research project in the offing that I'm excited about.  And four kids to CARE FOR ALL BY MYSELF UNTIL NEXT SATURDAY.


Brooke said...

Revise and resubmits are ALWAYS horrible. And only horrible people do those reviews, I'm convinced. Glad that you have a good perspective on it. If you can survive two weeks of solo-parenting four kiddos, you can basically do anything.

Sarah said...

I laughed at the part about signing people up for bedtime-- glad you have a village!

Anonymous said...

1 two kid weekend in exchange for 2 weeks of 4 kids by yourself? sounds like you got the short end of that stick. ;-) Glad you know how to rope others in. You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

11 months for a review, and then they give you such a short time for revision and resubmission? You should consider appealing to the associate editor to request more time, even it it's just a little bit more time. It's probably a standard revision period for the journal that an editor could override, I'm guessing.

You could explain that the 11 month review period (really, that's pretty ridiculous, and may or may not be the editor's fault) means that you and your co-authors have a lot of regrouping to do before you can address reviewer comments. Worth a try, I think.

Anonymous said...

in my experience, a 2 week window can always be extended by asking assoc editor. and when i get a short window, it means that the pape ris pretty much in (ie the editor doesn't think it'll require much before its ready). be sure to talk it all through with coauthors. it is likely that the editor just expects you to explain why your simulation is ok. if they really thought it needed to be redone, they wouldn't have given you a 2 week revise and resumit.
my 2 cents as assoc prof biology