Sunday, March 9, 2014

Family Dinner

Charley: My "amen" is that I got to spend alone time with Mom.  My "aw man" is that church is boring.

Wes: My "amen" is that we are having cookies for dessert and my "aw man" is that Charley got to spend alone time with Mom.

Me to Ryan: I saw a house for sale online that had five bedrooms and an extra living area.  It was so nice and big!  And affordable.  If I sell one of my kidneys.

Charley: I don't want to move.  I like to play in the woods here.

Me: Well as long as you and Wes can share a room without making me crazy, then we can stay here as long as you want!

Charley: Can we get bunk beds?

Me: We are not getting bunk beds until you two can agree on who gets the top bunk.

Wes: Oh! Charley can have the top bunk!

Charley: (wordlessly gets up and circles the table to envelop Wes in a huge bear hug.  Returns to seat.)

Wes: (continues eating spaghetti) I said Charley could have the top bunk because I was afraid he would get angry at me.

Charley: Maybe we could switch off who gets the top bunk.  We could do rock paper scissors!

Ryan, me, in unison: NO!

James: My "amen" ... ... church?

Charley: Rock! Paper! Scissors!

Wes: blastoff!!

Me: Wes, please put down spaghetti and use your fork.

Charley: Roooooocccck! Paaaaaaper!  Scisssssors! KABOOM!

Me: Wes, use your fork or no cookies.

James: I no want a bunk bed. I sweep in Mary's room?

Charley: I could have the top bunk one day, and then Wes could have it the next day.

Me: What about "Whoever washes the kitchen floor the fastest gets the top bunk"?  WES.  FORK.

Ryan:  I'm not putting up that bunk bed until I know it's safe.  Mom sat on Wes's bed once and fell straight through to the floor.

Me: Anyway, I really like our house and our street.  We're probably have to move out before we listed our house anyway because it's such a pit all the time.

 Wes: What if we both slept on the top bunk?

Me: Eat.  Please.  Fork.  (I make eye contact with Ryan and wonder if we will ever have a conversation again)

(Time passes.  General hubbub continues.  Children are reminded to stay in their seats.  Cookies are distributed and eaten)

Me: OK everyone!  Jammies!

Kids: Scurry up the stairs.

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Sarah said...

It gets SO LOUD at our table.

Ben and I are considering bunking Dorothy and Cooper together in the toy room so we can have 2 extra rooms upstairs-- one for computers and one for toys. Room sharing is awesome!