Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family. Camp. The best.

It's the last weekend of Spring "Break" and you know what means: ALL CHURCH FAMILY CAMP.  In case you didn't hear that, I will let Wes tell you where we went this weekend:


The kids love family camp.  We love family camp.  Mary, who has never been to family camp, loved family camp, particularly the night we spent squeezed into my mummy bag together like a two-pack of Yodels.

Charley and Wes had the run of the campsite this year, disappearing on their scooters at sunup (OR BEFORE), showing up for meals (then eating with friends) when alerted by the bell, drinking who knows how much hot chocolate and lemonade (spoiler: A LOT) from the neverending supply that lived outside the dining hall, swimming, canoeing, and scrambling up a rocky hillside and exploring the woods at the top with a gaggle of other kids like some kind of Peter Pan utopian fantasyland.

The courtyard entrance to the dining hall served as a parking lot for twenty or more razor scooters at any given time.  Adults took to walking on the grass so as not to be mowed down by the scrappy throng of kids zipping around on the sidewalks.  Last night I had to retrieve Wes from the amphitheater, where he and ten other kids were riding in tight circles on the circular floor while another kid stood in the back flashing the lights like some kind of scooter derby/rave combination.

We spent lots and lots of time enjoying our friends.  I love our friends.

It's the first time in a long time I've gone on a trip and come back feeling relaxed (tired, SOOOO tired, but RELAXED).

Had to stop at the store for baby food on the way there because we are planners.

They greet you at registration with brownies and ice cream. At nine PM. Camp is the best.

The water is FREEZING, but Charley and Wes both jumped in. Charley swam to a float in the middle of the river and stayed there goofing around with some older boys for so long he was completely dry and didn't want to swim back. This caused him to miss family fun canoe time, but I sense that he had more fun on his adventure (and also it was fun to not be trapped in a canoe with a screaming seven month old). He was back on land when we returned, looking very proud.

James did not get in.

But he and Mary had a good talk on the waterfront.

James expressed himself creatively with bubbles.

This morning for breakfast Wes ate cinnamon toast crunch with chocolate milk, two cups of hot chocolate, and the icing off a cinnamon roll like Buddy the Elf. After breakfast we cleaned out our cabin, took a few more laps on the scooters, went to worship by the river (one of the highlights for me, always, even though today it was FREEZING), and then packed in the car and went home. The kids were all asleep before we reached the highway and Ryan and I talked about how it had been the best family camp EVER with almost zero discipline issues (possibly because there were so few rules to actually enforce, LIVE IT UP KIDS FAMILY CAMP COMES ONCE A YEAR!) and lots of relaxing fun for everyone. Everyone wants to go back, like RIGHTNOW.


Sarah said...

That looks SO FUN. But I still wish we could have gone on spring break!!!

Bridget McCarthy said...

I wish we had family camp! I'll have to look into it to see if I can find one near here. It looks like an amazing time together!