Sunday, March 2, 2014

Catch up.

YOU GUYS! How did I forget to tell you about this.

Charley played the prelude last Sunday at church. He and his old preschool teacher (Wes's current preschool teacher, not pictured) played "Jesus Loves Me" together on the piano. He was amazing, which is not surprising since he had been practicing in every spare minute of every day for three weeks. That's a lot of Jesus Loves Me.

I, of course, held my breath through the entire performance. It was amazing and terrifying to watch him up there, at once tiny and incredibly grown up. I do not know where he gets his poise (confidence derived from hours of practicing the same song perhaps?). Also notable: there was a CROWD of people who love Charley gathered in the front pews. What a wonderful morning it was.

Yesterday it was EIGHTY DEGREES so we joined the rest of civilization at the park.

The park has a pretend city block complete with working stoplights and lifelike signage and storefronts. Because going to the real grocery store and the real bank and stopping at real stoplights is boring, but riding your bike around a kid-sized version of exactly the same thing is my kids' freaking Disneyworld.

I had fun watching until Wes ran the red light on his bike and Charley screamed at him "THAT WAS A RED LIGHT YOU IDIOT!" and Ryan and I looked at one another and then hung our heads in shame.

This is a weird picture but I included it because when I saw it I was startled by how normal I'm starting to look.

Big girl on a SWING!

That night we had Charley's Blue and Gold banquet for Scouts. I momentarily took my eyes off of James as I moved to another table to get this picture and when I turned around to check on him I heard "I GO UP HERE PAPA!" and saw him dash across the stage to stand with Charley's den. Oopsy.

Proud Bobcat.

Luckily we had indoor activities planned for today because when we woke up this morning it was in the fifties and raining and by the time we got back from a very nice lunch at my parents' there was ice all over Ryan's car--a FIFTY DEGREE TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE IN TWENTY`FOUR HOURS. SOB (That is sob, like cry sob, not like son of a b****, but that too, you know? FREAKING WINTER OF 2014 WHEN WILL YOU END??).


Chiconky said...

I always love when my kids have cheerleaders. It makes my heart happy. Mary's so big!!

Candy said...

Loved your post! Great catching up! Agree that the winter of 2014 has been enough of a good thing and dangerously tipping into "everyone is sick and tired of the doggone white stuff" zone. It is also gusty here so the snow is drifting and blowing, I bet no one is out on the roads today. Wish I could transport to your house, I am sick of being stuck here with no kids to play with (David doesn't count.) xoxo

Meredith said...

You look amazing! You must have stuck with Project MILF - you look great!

Erica said...

Yes. Both versions of SOB.