Monday, February 17, 2014


The weeks are moving faster than ever around here, you guys. I ran into Charley's (new spelling per request from the boy, take note!) kindergarten teacher at the pizza place on Friday and when she asked how Charley's been doing in school I said "This week has been pretty good so far. Wait, what day is it?" And I was asking SINCERELY. She told me it was Friday, which DUH, we were buying pizza, and I said "Then good! This week was good!" So, yeah.

Friday night while Ryan was putting James down the big boys and I cuddled up in the big bed to watch some Olympic skeleton (which the kids find fascinating as it is, arguably, the most dangerous of all the winter sports). Ryan came in later to take a picture of the cozy scene. This is what he got. So restful!

Saturday morning after piano Ryan and Charley and my dad did some troubleshooting on Ryan's car and I *think* they fixed it, since Ryan took it to work this morning and I have not received any phone calls.

And then Saturday afternoon some friends of ours from church came over to watch ALL OF THE CHILDREN. They offered a couple of weeks ago, saying that they missed the days when their kids were little, and we agreed and set a date before they could change their minds. Then I spent all Saturday de-funk-ifying the upstairs since the last time non-family adults have been up there was probably in 2008 when it was on the market. It took ALL FREAKING DAY to get the kids' bathroom and our bathroom in shape, the laundry put away, the beds made, and the floor (AND CEILING AND WALLS) vacuumed, and after that I was SORE AS IF I HAD WORKED OUT. There may be one solution to my two problems: messy house and not enough time to work out. The downstairs did not get done, but I did straighten and put away the pile of folded undies (MINE) that have been sitting in the dining room for a week.

Ryan and I headed downtown to a burger place with a really long wait that we have heard good things about. It took an hour to get to the front of the line and order and find our table, but the burgers (we got the same thing--burger with poblano peppers, pepperjack cheese, and chipotle mayo) were amazing. I also had the truffle fries (TRUFFLE. FRIES. YOUGUYS.) and an equally delicious beer. So, so worth the wait. And I got to converse, uninterrupted, with Ryan for THAT ENTIRE HOUR and no one had to go potty or started screaming for any reason. It was a lovely, lovely hour. And a really wonderful meal. I have no complaints.

BRING ON THE LINE. Ryan has been refining his selfie technique.

The cupcake place was on the way back to the car so that was our next stop, but we ate them in the car because it was an absolutely frigid sixty-five degrees outside and we are wimps. Also I bought the soundtrack to "Ray" at an estate sale, so we listened to that. Cupcakes and Ray Charles in the car is an excellent date in its own right, if you need an idea. We weren't quite ready to head for home, so afterward we made one last stop at a park that has a huge staircase up a hill that has a sweeping view of the river and city skyline at the top. I have never done this at night before, and there are no lights on the stairs. It was really, really spooky, in the best of ways.

(Stairs go up at least another hundred feet past where it gets dark)

The kids had a good time too and asked me if next time the friends could stay for an entire week, which is a ringing endorsement from Charlie, who is not a babysitter fan under normal conditions. It helps that they brought teenagers and macaroni and cheese and let him stay up until nine watching the Super G.

Sunday was nice too. Mary would like me to show off her fancy lady dress with the poufy poufy skirt.


LL said...

Was that Mount Bonnell? A favorite climb of ours- the kids love it too, at least once they can do all the stairs themselves, we had to carry Claire a few times when we stopped by and that was less fun.

Love your date night, where are my friends who want to watch all my children for me? I don't even think we have grandparents willing to do that... So glad you guys got out!

(Also I think that's the corner of the Hop Doddy sign; another ATX staple that I miss :).

Candy said...

Charley and Charlie, I noticed on your xmas card that things might be in flux, and your post today confirmed it. So Charley it Carley with an H! Your date sounded splendid! and if LLs comment is any indication, you'll be making those boys race to the top of the steps in no time! (well, maybe a couple years, giving James and Mary a chance to grow longer legs too. Hugs to you guys, xoxoxox Candy

Sarah said...

LOL at frigid 65 degrees.

Charley-- I like it!

choral_composer said...

"Then I spent all Saturday de-funk-ifying the upstairs since the last time non-family adults have been up there was probably in 2008 when it was on the market."

Hmmm as I was up there last year when I spent the night it means I'm either a) Not an adult or b) Family :)

Erica said...

Hey, I got married at the top of those spooky stairs! (It was at 9 am and not in spooky mode.)