Sunday, February 2, 2014

Girls' trip!

Mary and I are having a girls' week at a conference out of town. I almost canceled it about ten times last week because I am always exhausted and worried about everything and flying alone a thousand miles away with a baby and attending a technical conference WITH A BABY is, at the moment, out of my comfort zone. Yes, I used to collect data from hurricanes. No, staying in a Westin in Georgia is not hard or dangerous. But I am so glad we are here, aside from the missing of the boys back home, because Mary was weirdly awesome on the flight and I caught the subway to my hotel with no problem at all. It's good to do these things every once in a while to show myself that I am capable of learning new things.

Also there is a CVS across the street from the hotel that has Cadbury Eggs, so.

Mary and I spent about half an hour relaxing on our respective beds and watching a concert on PBS after I ordered a hamburger the size of a dinner plate from room service. She ate her usual applesauce-rice cereal blend in her stroller shortly after, then took a bath in the bathroom sink with the fancy hotel shampoo and is now sleeping fitfully in her fancy crib.

The icemaker right outside my door makes a sound like someone is swishing diapers in a toilet about once an hour, so that's fun.

Ryan's been sending some pictures to prove to me that he is feeding the children. I expressed regret yesterday that I wouldn't be able to make a special Superbowl meal for the kids tonight, so he went ALL. OUT.

Hot dogs and Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes for the first course.

Followed by six-layer bean dip, cheese ball, chips, and Red Dye no. 40. They are in excellent hands. And two points for what appears to be a clean living room in the background. He is the best.

The caption on this one said: "James says 'I am SUGARMAN!'"



Sarah said...

Have fun!!

Candy said...

must be like a vacation to only have one kid to look after! Enjoy yourselves ladies!!!!

sarah said...

cadbury eggs in close proximity is a definite perk.

Is it me, or does Charlie look like a teenager in that second picture of the boys? what the what?!