Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cold Wednesday Morning too much Coffee

Good news, everybody!  After being eighty glorious degrees all weekend it is now THIRTY FIVE AND RAINING.

You can imagine my excitement about this most recent kink in the Jet Stream (because the Jet Stream is KINKY).

For almost an entire week, the living room was only used by RYAN AND ME for reading and TV watching and occasionally by the children as a passageway from Outside to The Bathroom or The Fridge.  Even then, they usually used the garage door, which goes directly into the kitchen.  I started to stop mentally adding a family room on the back of the house to accommodate the ever-growing legs and feet and toy volume (And, you know, VOLUME volume, amirite?).  Yay for outside play!  (Independent outside play, I might add, which I swear is the reason people in the fifties could fit families of seven into fifteen hundred square feet).

Now we are back to lying around like slugs watching TV because "It's too cold" (It is).  And the xBox.  And the forts.  And the puzzles and the games.  So I've been hiding in my bedroom at night which I can somehow keep sort of cleanish most of the time.  I'm typing this at my desk right now because everyone is at school and Mary is asleep and I thought I might get a little work done (work that is not laundry).

So far, I've eaten a muffin, had a second cup of coffee, and spent twenty minutes looking for my phone and work bag.  I found my phone after I upended my entire purse onto my bed and then called Ryan to complain about my missing work bag only to find it under a pile of throw pillows next to my unmade and covered in purse crap bed.

Also, everyone said it would happen but I cannot BELIEVE that we were having James evaluated for speech delay this time last year.  A sample of this morning's James-a-logue: "You you you you makin' a sandwich?  Why?  Why you you you makin' a sandwich?  I eat a bagel?  I eat a bagel?  I eat a bagel?  MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!  I eat a bagel?  Why you makin' a sandwich?  MOM!!  Why you drinkin' a coffee?  You drinkin' a coffee?  You wike a coffee?  I drink a coffee when I big?  When I big I drink a coffee?  MOM!!!!!!  WHEN I BIG I DRINK A COFFEE?!  I no no no no no color on da table?  I no color on da table?  Why?  I color on da table when I I I I I big?  No?  Why?"

(This begins when he wakes up and ends when I drop him off at preschool.  He does not seem to need to inhale)

First task for my work time today is organizing all the notes I scribbled down at the conference.  It's fun because I read things like "DataStreme, K12, real-time maps and analys..." and remember "Aww, that's when Mary started laughing uncontrollably and I had to run out of the room."  Memories!

Man, I really want a third cup of coffee but I feel like this post is a good indication that that would be a bad idea.  Back to it.