Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter reprieve

Thursday night we had enough sleet to cancel school for all of us on Friday and Saturday afternoon it was seventy degrees, YAY TEXAS. To celebrate we took Ryan's parents to my school and unleashed the kids on their bikes.

They have a huge car-free area to ride and spent over an hour racing in giant loops around the grassy mall and stopping to talk to any student who made eye contact.

Wes and Ryan's dad spent some time messing around with this fountain while Ryan's mom and Charlie and I went in the library because Charlie wanted to "check out some books about war."

Reading about the Alamo in his natural habitat.

In other news, Mary eats real food now!

Except we realized tonight after she was asleep that we forgot to give her real food today. She didn't seem to be too jealous as she sat in my lap watching me eat chili and cupcakes at my friend's house today. Oops. Life's rough. But at least it can be seventy in January sometimes.

Gonna be in the twenties again by Tuesday. Mary does not approve.


Erica said...


Anonymous said...

The high is -4 today. School was cancelled simply because of the cold.

Candy said...

50 at 9 am and a pretty sunny slush covered day here...30 now and all the puddles have big crystals forming (at 4:30) weird weather.

LOVE that picture of Lady Mary Big Eyes! And also thumbs up for bikes and grands at the College, looked fun and warm. Hugs

sarah said...

the weather this year is so freaky. We usually get rain starting sometime around my birthday in October and we're JUST getting our first forecastable rain this coming Thursday.

That picture of Mary is priceless.