Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow day! Woo hoo?

Remember that time your kids had a snow day and PBS Kids stopped working because of an overnight sleet storm sent by Satan himself? No? That's because your brain doesn't save memories of traumatic events.

This morning was actually kind of exciting because we woke up at six AM to heavy sleet and a friendly note from the school district to "Be careful out there on your way to school, which is not delayed!  It's icy!" and a flurry of phone calls and texts from our two nannies wondering what I wanted them to do since my school was delayed until 10:00 (which is when my class normally starts which meant I had to finish prepping my class IN MY HOUSE WITH MY FAMILY instead of in my quiet, cozy office all by myself FAIL).

We ate breakfast and rushed through our morning routine to get Charlie going and then Ryan and Charlie about to walk out the door when I found out via Facebook that there was a two hour delay.

Charlie was understandably quite excited.

Around this time Ryan got an email from work telling him not to come in until 10.  So now everyone had to be at school/work at 10, which made things kind of interesting considering those three locations are all about ten miles from each other.

Then about thirty minutes before we would have had to leave to drop Charlie off and get everyone else to their various places my school was delayed until 1:00 (which means NO CLASS FOR ME!).  And then my mom told me via FB that Charlie's school was canceled.  And lo!  There was rejoicing in my house. 

Ten minutes after that Ryan checked the school district site.  Which still listed a two-hour delay.  Hrmmm.  I told Charlie not to get too excited.  After some furious refreshing of all the local news outlet webpages, a friend finally retweeted a school district post about school being canceled.

Charlie ran out the front door cheering with excitement.

Middle school kids who had been waiting for the bus in the twenty-six degree sleet were running down the street screaming with joy.


And that's when Ryan put his coat on and said "Welp!  Better get going.  I want to allow some extra time and take the back roads."


That was at nine thirty.  By eleven o'clock we had exhausted DVDs, baking cookies, playing outside, and PlayDoh, the house looked like a war zone, and James had colored his entire left arm brown with a marker.

I stood amid the chaos and shook a box of Annie's Mac 'n Cheese until everyone stopped screaming and looked at me.  Lunch was sort of OK except for the constant begging for cookies and mediation of fights over who knows what and threats about naps.

After lunch they/we built forts and settled into a nice game of "camping" complete with a fire made out of yellow and orange felt (their doing, not mine, lest you think I'm good at this sort of thing.  When the screaming and fighting started I spent much of the morning hiding, hiding in the pantry "doing laundry", hiding upstairs "making beds", hiding in Mary's room "putting the baby down for a nap" Eventually they stop looking for you and FIND SOMETHING TO DO).

OMG forts! I win snow day creative imaginary fun!

But as these things do that game eventually soured when Charlie and Wes couldn't agree if they were playing "daytime" or "nighttime" and it devolved into a screaming match with one side screeching "cockadoodledoo" and the other side sitting by the fire "roasting marshmallows" and screaming that the other side was an idiot.  SO FUN. After I broke that fight up Wes became frustrated that the roof of his fort was too low and fixed it by jumping on top of it from the couch, which both obliterated the fort and kind of hurt, judging by the look on his face. MAGICALSPECIAL.

NOW, James and Mary are both sleeping, Wes is playing xBox, and Charlie has been banished upstairs for screaming at Wes over the xBox game and being rude to me (WHEN DOES ADOLESCENCE START AGAIN?!). Ahhh, so quiet! Three hours until Ryan comes back and then it's time for the State of the Union Facebook Snark a Thon. PARTY ON GARTH.


Susan said...

I can sympathize. It's hard when the bad weather means you can't run them outside until they fall unconscious from exhaustion!

sarah said...


The opening paragraph of this made me laugh so hard.

I guess Texas isn't so skilled at handling the winter weather-related closure decision-making process and/or communication. Makes sense, I guess, but still so frustrating!

Hopefully its the last one of the year!