Friday, January 24, 2014


Sarah just reminded me that I haven't blogged all week and the reason is that I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH WHAT DAY IT IS.  Seriously.  It is Friday.  But I just wrote that blog about going out for ice cream yesterday, right?  Only that was actually on Sunday.  TIMEWARP.  You see my problem.

In that week I've taught class twice, muddled through Monday's day off of school, attended a church school board meeting and made several intelligent comments, fed Mary in the middle of the night at least six times, made five or six dinners, and taken a lot of Robitussin because SICK.  Actually I just took some like thirty minutes ago so if this makes no sense you'll know why.  I'm actually just biding my time until it's an acceptable grown up time to go to bed.  Like after eight o'clock.

I'm still getting around to an update for Project Man I'd Like to be Fit (MILF), including linking to all of your contributions, but let me just tell you, Ryan and I have had the PLAGUE this week, with all the coughing.  So much coughing.  And I have not worked out.  But I have eaten a lot of crap.  Gonna go weigh myself at the Y tomorrow morning.  Should be neat.

Who wants some random pictures?

James had an ear infection. Mary is a five month old. Neither of them wanted to be put down. I had to make dinner so we improvised. Thank goodness I only had to make the guacamole.

Word play.

My largest skillet can no longer contain our family dinner.

We had a "snow day" today because everything was covered with sleet. The kids made a sled out of the top of the turtle sandbox. Ryan, Charlie, and Wes took it out to our greenbelt where we have several big hills and attracted a following of fifteen kids before they came in because James couldn't feel his feet.


Sarah said...

LOL at the sledding. I hope you guys all feel better soon-- Cooper has been sick all week, and it's been ROUGH (and I only know Monday and Tuesday when I have to be on campus-- the rest of the week runs together in one big sea of wiping butts and cleaning up meals.)

sarah said...

that picture of you wearing the two littles is fantastic! Making dinner while hoisting two kids around HAS to count as some sort of aerobic activity for the MILF project, right?

That snow in Texas looks like about what we have in Tahoe this winter. Really not conducive to awesome winter sports, but if you can make a sand box cover slide down the hill on it, more power to you! Next stop, Sochi!

I'm glad you blogged--sorry for the peer pressure. ;-)

feel better!

CP said...

LOVE the picture of you wearing the two kids! Wow, you must have an amazing back. Mine would be crippled after two minutes of that!

Ha ha ha....your "snow day" weather is hilarious. :)