Monday, January 13, 2014

autocorrect off

I have so much to do you guys but I am entering hour three for the day of being trapped beneath a nursing baby. "Day" beginning at midnight of course. During the last break from being a human vending machine I ate lunch and cleaned James's room. I am sitting here now watching the clock tick and trying not to think about how the "second cup of coffee" window is about to close and I really need a Claritin.

What else? Oh! Wes left a banana in his backpack all weekend and then it got stepped on in the car, so that is my next project.

Charlie went to a talented and gifted playgroup this weekend hosted by a friend from church who is the teacher for gifted kiddos at a school in oir district (not ours, sadly). She also happens to be one of our nanny's mother so she knows a lot about Charlie's strenghts and issues and has given me so much great advice and is teaching me all the language I need to have to ask the school to accomodate his needs (though, fingers crossed, the first week of the semester went very well!).

He hasd suchagoodtime. Therewere a couple of bumps, but overall, watching him play with gifted kids was really eye opening. I told Ryan it was like watching Wes play with other kids, which is to say not fraught with anxiety (my anxiety. And his). Truly, he was in his element. My mom said " It's so good you are doing this for him now instead of waiting for him to find his niche in college like we did with you."

Wes went to my sister's while we were at Charlie's thing and declared vehemently through screechy tears that he would like to live there and never come home so I think he had fun.

Mary's done and my mom is coming over later to make dinner and provide moral support so I don't drive off into the countryside flinging ryan's dry cleaning out the windows like in that book I read over the summer and cannot remember the name of. So I should put a little effort into this housekeeping thing. And also figure out which hotel I made reservations at for the conference I'm going to in February.  And make my poster (panic slowburn BEGIN!).

Also, school starts tomorrow for me! Non-sarcastic woo hoo!!

UPDATE: I put Mary on her tummy on her quilt with some toys then went off to figure out my schedule for the conference and while I wasn't looking SHE ROLLED OVER.  #leaninbetches #developmentallynormal


Eve said...

Shiri rolled over 2 minutes after I left her in her room at school. 2 minutes. She couldn't do it during the 20 minutes i had just spent playing with her. They do it on purpose!

Sarah said...

Go Mary!

LL said...

There's so many quotable lines in that post, but mostly I'm happy for Charlie and his group (and for you, watching Charlie and his group) and for Mary's new trick!

sarah said...

hahahha! sneaky Mary!

I am dying to know what book you read where the wife threw the husband's dry cleaning out the window. I'd need to actually take my husband's clothes TO the cleaners in order to do that (and in fairness, he'd need to own anything that required dry cleaning--we're pretty casual).

I'm so glad Charlie's found a play ground he likes and is comfortable in! That is a huge deal!

Chiconky said...

Your experience with Charlie gives me so much hope! Did I miss where you switched schools?