Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A new year a new project to quit after five days

I know it's cliche and cheesy to resolve to make a New Year's Resolution about weight loss, but you guys.  I had a baby five-ish months ago and am in the midst of planning a trip to the beach with my gorgeous friend who works out every day and that trip is in MARCH, so I really have no choice in the matter this year.

It's not really a resolution, exactly, more like a panic attack brought on by more than a year of varying degrees of inability to exercise combined with a crapton of stress eating.

So, I'd like to introduce you to "Project MAN, I'd Like to be Fit!!!" (Project MILF).

Right now my weight is N+22 where N is a number between 0 and 500 that represents the weight I was when I defended my dissertation and was surviving only on coffee and prayer. I was kind of a disaster that semester, but I looked GOOD.

Everything I've read and also common sense says the best way to lose weight is to start slowly with small changes to your lifestyle that you can sustain over the long haul. The two changes I will be focusing on first are working out most days of the week and not eating six desserts a day. I call the second one "You are thirty-three years old."

I have schlepped the kids (all four because this is Christmas "break") to the Y multiple times in the last two weeks and have been running on the treadmill and doing crunches and planks. I don't think I need to tell you that I feel like a moron doing these things and the only reason I keep going back is because I want to wear a swimsuit at the beach that could not double as academic regalia in a pinch.

So who's with me? All you have to do is write a similarly self-deprecating post on your blog, briefly mention your goals, whatever they may be, give yourself one or two small goals a week, and link back here.

Here's a random picture of me from today. We took a really lovely family bike ride around the lake. See? Good choices? (The only reason we didn't get ice cream after was because I couldn't find a parking spot.)


Anonymous said...

No blog, but I'm going on holiday in penguin-infested waters and would like to spend some time on the beach without looking like an elephant seal. I realise at this point that I will look like a fur seal with a bad case of alopecia, but that's fine. Just so long as the elephant seal bulls don't mistake me for their mates, I'll be okay.

Although, if they mistake me for one of their mates and take me to the pub where we can watch the all blacks and yell at the TV when australia gets a try, it'll be all right.

CP said...

Ha HA! Love that picture. Good luck with your goals!!

Brooke said...

I'm laughing at the idea of a swimsuit doubling as academic regalia. My big goal for January is about financial fitness, but I just blogged about my fast so maybe we can still inspire each other to stick with our plans!

A. said...

Perfect timing, as my somewhat annual "New Year's Resolution" post has been percolating, and I finally wrote it up. Including a "get me fit" goal on which I can use lots of encouragement. I don't have a beach vacation waiting for me at the end, sadly, so you have me beat there :-).

B said...

I watched the documentary "fat, tired, and nearly dead" (it's free online) and have really thought about moving my liquid diet away from high sodium canned soups and processed foods and towards juicing fruits and veggies. I'm going to try it for ten days. If I only make it five or six I won't consider it a failure because I've never eaten kale before and have no idea what raw ginger tastes like so at least it's getting me to do that.

LL said...

Best of luck on the project! I love the family bike riding pictures. JP and I keep saying we're going to buy bikes and then by the time I've made it through fall boot season at DSW I feel like I don't have any "fun" budget money left to spend on them. Maybe I should try in the summer.

I have also been going to our local Y and I'm about to start taking Cora with me when the kids go back to school and JP goes back to coaching. YMCA kidscare brings back strong memories of my childhood, except my mom was wearing neon spandex and going to jazzercise. I will be wearing yoga pants (the spandex of the 10's) and a swimming t-shirt and probably entering into complex negotiations with myself over how many minutes I have to endure the elliptical, but it's basically all the same.

Happy 2014 to you guys!

lonek8 said...

I'll join in. I'm going to procrastinate on writing my self deprecating blog post as much if not more than I will on losing weight, but I'll join in. You know where to find me

Anne said...

Best of luck on your project! I'm all with you on the not-eating-six-desserts-a-day goal. I don't have a beach vacation to look forward to/motivate me, instead I'm telling myself that I'm getting a head start on a certain white-dress-diet. :)

I've loved reading about your little family - your frank humor about the perils of small children make me even more excited to have my own someday!

ali said...

good luck with the fitness goals! longtime lurker de-lurking
After baby #2, I kindof messed up my abs with crunches cause I had a diastasis (apparently really common in moms who have had multiple pregnancies - crunches make the abs split apart more).
so if you want flat abs, think about trying a mom-specific program. I did mutumammas and it helped. (also helped my pelvis which was totally screwed up from the pregnancy)

Sarah said...

Aw, you're so sweet. I also eat 6 desserts a day.

Candy said...

You are "da wo-Man" Bec! Love that photo of you all.

sarah said...

Oh honey, I wish I could beach-vacation with you; I'd make you feel SO good about your N+22. My GOAL is to be N+22. LOL

That picture of you is fantastic! And I do believe you've inspired me to start blogging again.