Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby nap typeathon

Hot damn, Mary fell asleep in her crib from wide awake about five minutes after I grew frustrated with trying to make her go to sleep and put her in bed like "OK FINE, do it yourself then!"  So she did.  Best baby ever.

And that is why I now have five minutes to eat pie right out of the pie plate and waste time online (laundry is still in "Phase 1" which is when you run everything through the washer and dryer and then pile it up in the dining room.  "Phase 2", folding, and "Phase 3", putting away, will happen sometime before the New Year, hopefully).

First, an update on Charlie.  His visit with the therapist was more productive than I ever could have imagined.  We talked to her in various combinations (whole family, just parents, Charlie only) for over an hour.  Her office is a cozy little cottage with a comfy couch and a basket of snacks in the waiting room.  Charlie told me "Her little house comforts me."  I asked him what he thought as we were getting into the car to go home and he said "GREAT!"  She gave him some strategies to work on frustration that we can do as a family and she is going to be working with the school directly to make it a more positive experience for him.  The best part is that he has been SO HAPPY since the appointment.  Bouncy and happy and upbeat and nice to the other kids and easygoing.  Not one screaming outburst or slamming door.  And this morning he used his new frustration language at breakfast to say "I WISH I could stay home from school" instead of his old language "I HATE SCHOOL, I AM SO STUPID!"  This is a huge improvement, believe it or not. 

I cannot stop looking at this picture of him smiling at dinner last night.


How long did we go with no easy smiles from Charlie? I can't even think about it.

There is still much work to be done, starting with improving things at school and finding ways to challenge him, but I am so, SO grateful that he is already starting to feel better. I am anxious to hear what's going on at school and will still be putting him on several wait lists for other schools, but HE SMILED AND LAUGHED YESTERDAY. I am so happy.

In other weekend news, Charlie and Wes and Ryan spent the night on an aircraft carrier Saturday!

20131208_094353 (2)

And the whole family went to see Santa on Saturday morning! The kids get so nervous and giddy it absolutely KILLS me.


And Friday morning we had a two-hour delay for school because of a Winter Weather Advisory and Charlie and Wes spent the morning building this sled out of diaper boxes and tape. Poor little Texas babies had to make snowballs out of frost Ryan scraped off the car windshield.


And happy, easy baby spontaneous naptime is over, so I'm done here!


Brooke said...

I feel like my heart just got a little lighter reading this. Amazing that the therapist he saw was able to help so much right away. That's great that she'll be working directly with the school. I hope things continue to improve. (And yay for sleeping babies)

Candy said...

Agree with Brooke and I feel happy too! Yay for milk in wine glasses for BIG boys! Happy December 9th!!

LL said...

So much happiness in this post! Like your other commenters, my heart felt happier for reading :). It would be so hard to watch your child lose part of himself (or seem that way anyway, I'm sure no part of Charlie is actually lost), particularly over something that should be such a positive experience! I adored school, and it would break my heart a little extra if it was what was causing Landon pain. I hope the is the first step forward of many more, and than some of those steps are taken by the school and teacher.

And the aircraft carrier sleep over sounds awesome!

lonek8 said...

So great to hear good news! Even if it's old news because I'm so slow about reading blogs these days