Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some portraits from my daily life

In the interest of posting more than once every nine days, BEHOLD! Weird pictures from my SD card!!

First up, we have James, standing at the back door in an outfit of his choosing, telling me "Me wan go back yard?" Two points for the jacket. Zero points for pants and shoes. And yes, he did go out to play and no, he did not put on pants first. Shoes? Hahaha, you make me laugh.

Next up we have a shot I like to call "Self Portrait with infant, no head". I took that one because my internet friends were asking to see the yellow tights I was wearing after I asked via Facebook, "Can I wear yellow tights without looking like I'm wearing a turkey costume?" You can judge for yourself. I LOVED wearing them, FWIW, and might finally dig out those purple tights I bought two years ago. Scarf cleverly styled to cover, ahem, boob leakage, which is a Don't for fall.

And finally, we have one I will call "A study in futility." You can have kids who brush their teeth or kids who put things back where they belong. Or kids who know about the dishwasher, but who are not able to use it properly. Or something like that. I found this situation while UNloading the dishwasher, meaning this tube of Kids' Crest has been thoroughly cleaned and should not have any water spots!


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Purple is the new black. You will totally rock it! James is getting so tall! Hugs!