Friday, November 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Baby It's COOOOLD Outside, Edition

1. It's thirty-nine degrees and raining today, which is really wonderful weather if you live in Nova Scotia, but a little too close to "winter" for most Texans. Of course, since it is only November, I am really enjoying it. I get to wear my coat! My scarves! Still not wearing socks, but let's not get crazy. It's not like it's February in Iowa.

2. Mary is dressed in jeans, a tshirt, and a cardigan JUST LIKE ME. I almost wore a very similar shirt to the one she has on without realizing it, but decided to go with basic black at the last minute. Then I added a scarf so we wouldn't look like a Hanah Andersson catalog. Any more than normal. Do I dress like a child or does she dress like a thirty something year old mom? Don't answer that.

3. Since it's so freezing and wet this would be a great time for Charlie and me to work on the autumn leaves garland he wants to make. I am strongly considering dragging everyone to Hobby Lobby for embroidery floss and needles so we can do this. But, see above, freezing and raining. Wondering if it would be appropriate to hire a babysitter to run this errand for me. See also: lazy, entitled.

4. We're having pizza for dinner because that's what we do every single Friday without exception. Special bonus for today is that yesterday I ran to Trader Joe's and bought seventy dollars worth of snack food in anticipation of this weekend's cold weather. So, please, come over! I can offer you clementines! Dried fruit! Cheesy rocket crackers! Star shaped chocolate covered cookies! Candy cane Joe Joes! I would say hummus, but Wes ate the entire container of hummus for lunch yesterday. You are welcome, Wes's colon.

5. Some friends are going to meet us at church on Sunday and TAKE ALL OF THE CHILDREN TO THEIR HOUSE FOR THE AFTERNOON. I don't think I have to explain how exciting this is. I can't decide if I will have an uninterrupted conversation with my spouse or take a nap first. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! (Hi S and N!!)

6. One thing I will not be doing Sunday afternoon is grading, but OMG. That pedagogical workshop I attended this summer was awesome for generating tons of great ideas to make my class more effective but sadly did not include any information about WHEN IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO GRADE ALL OF THIS STUFF?

7. It's almost the end of the semester. How is that possible? This is about the time every semester when I realize that I will probably never see most of my students again and it makes me sad. They have been such a great group. On the other hand, it's also the end of the semester for my own kids, which is kind of a thumbs up thumbs down situation. Thumbs down, no more preschool, thumbs up Charlie will turn back into his happy little self and stop dressing in all black, swilling coffee, and composing angry poetry in his room after bedtime. YAY FIRST GRADE!!


Candy said...

Hey, I like the new photos on the right side of your blog page! Nice to see Miss Mary Helen Edwards rates her own paragraph. WHAT a good baby -girl!! Hugs all around...

Erica said...

I'm not sure I want to venture out in this weather, but I might send Anna for some star cookies.

LL said...

Hope you guys have been saying warm! And while I'm sad that Charlie might not be um, loving, every second of first grade, the end of #7 actually made me laugh out loud.

Happy almost Thanksgiving to you and yours!