Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The other day the kids and I were walking up the sidewalk to their school when I noticed that everyone was dressed nicer than usual. Wes and James, who were wearing, I have no idea what because my only standard for leaving the house is that you cover your swimsuit area, stood out more than usual among all the mini hipsters and hipsterettes.

And then I heard someone say "Be sure you smile really pretty in your picture, OK?"


Spoiler alert: I forget every single year/semester.

Well, good news, the proofs came back yesterday. James's is so, so sweet. Look at that smiling boy! By a miracle I can only chalk up to good karma earned by changing a thousand poopy diapers, he had a recent-ish haircut! And, what an appropriate outfit! THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

Apparently, James's teachers put him in someone else's potty accident clothes, which are beautiful, because they Get me. Or feel sorry for me. The difference is not terribly important. Although, do you know what my kids have in their backpacks in case of potty accident? Me neither. Probably something really useful like two too-small shirts and a Batman cape.

Wes's teacher decided to keep it real, and I'm glad she did, because I want to forever memorialize the fall Wes refused to wear anything other than those ripped pants and a superhero shirt every single day for several months in a row. And OH, I just noticed the bonus knee stains. But, my goodness, so cute and happy, who cares? Hopefully not CPS.


Sarah said...


Surprisingly, school pictures are not on my radar either, but Harry and jack are super girly about them and plan their clothes weeks in advance. This year, I got to stick 500 date stickers on the PTO calendar b/c school picture day was mislabeled, so I couldn't help but remember.

Chiconky said...

So, so cute!

Erica said...

I was so amused by/empathetic to this I made my husband read it too.

Brooke said...

I am DYING that James's teacher put him in someone else's clothes. So funny. And, yes, I think it's great when school pictures manage to capture exactly the little person they are at that moment in time. Very sweet.

SnarkyMommy said...

OMG James! The cute!