Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Is it too late to join NaBloPoMo?  Because I really need to get back in the swing of things blog (and MY WHOLE LIFE) wise so forcing myself to write every day might do the trick.  Might.  We've had kind of a weird week because Charlie has been sick and home from school every day.  Which is probably why I keep thinking the week is almost over only to realize that it's only MONDAY, or TUESDAY.

Today is Wednesday, so maybe we're going to make it.  Not having Charlie's afternoon pickup has greatly simplified our schedule and James and Mary don't even know what to think about their long, uninterrupted afternoon naps.  I think he'll be back tomorrow and we are all a little sad about it.

Although yesterday our nanny told me she came downstairs from putting James down for a nap to find Charlie and Wes screaming at each other "YOU SHUT UP!" "NO YOU SHUT UP!" and surmised that we'd all had a leeetle bit too much together time so she gave Charlie a book and sent Wes outside where he spent forty-five solid minutes running at full speed around the front yard (in his jammies!).  Ahh, screentime overload.

I am hoping we can make it through the day without spiking anymore 103 fevers because I watched an alarming and exceptionally ill-advised Frontline about antibiotic-resistant bacteria right before Mary developed her big baby-fever and someone in the house has had a fever ever since.  Welcome to anxiety-town!

The good news is that yesterday my good friend Helen talked to my class about storm surge and mitigation and came and helped out with my lab afterward.  So much fun.  And it's going to be in the forties overnight so I can stop sweating under the winter blankets I stubbornly put on my bed because IT IS NOVEMBER, WEATHER, TIME TO STOP BEING SEVENTY-FIVE.  Maybe I will bake something!  It's my last day of unashamedly parking Charlie in front of the TV for hours at a time so I have to make the most of it.  And GO!


Sarah said...

Pioneer woman brown sugar oatmeal cookies with TradervJoe's PB chips-- best cookies EVAR

Erica said...

It's coldish now! It's coldish now! I might turn on my oven just for the sake of it.

LL said...

This is also how I've felt about fall so far, "IT IS NOVEMBER, WEATHER, TIME TO STOP BEING SEVENTY-FIVE. Maybe I will bake something!" 15 loaves of pumpkin bread over the last several weeks MAKES it fall, right? Even though I've been wearing my Old Navy tank tops with the same black jersey knee-length skirt? Because I'm doing it while eating pumpkin bread. FALL.

(And it was delightfully chilly today- about damn time, I'm 9 months pregnant with a November baby after suffering through two summer babies- I should not be sweating!)

Hope Charlie is feeling better!