Saturday, November 2, 2013

Little of everything: Halloween, a birthday, a FREAKOUT

Good lord you guys. It's like Mary's baptism happened, and then all of the sudden it was Thursday and I was having kind of an embarrassing nervous breakdown about the situation with the house looking like a cesspool and me sucking in almost every area of my life. AND THERE ARE A LOT OF AREAS. And now it is Saturday again! HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!

For instance, I have to get my spring class ready. DURING MY FALL CLASS. WHO INVENTED THAT SYSTEM? And I there was a proposal that was due Friday for the summer research program that I did this year and even though I tried to write it, it was just NOT HAPPENING. Instead, what was happening was me sitting on the couch with my mouth open feeling overwhelmed every night for an hour before I felt it was late enough to justify stopping working to go to bed (learn from me: if this happens multiple nights in a row just GO TO BED AT NINE. You will feel amazing the next day). And can we just not talk about grading right now? You understand, right? MOVING ON.

So, if the work situation was a flat tire, the situation with the housework was more like what happens when you drive around for two weeks with the oil light on. KABLOOM!! Crap, EVERYWHERE! Scum, ON EVERYTHING. Trash, NOT TAKEN OUT. WE WERE OUT OF JELLY FOR THREE DAYS AND THE CHILDREN ALMOST RIOTED. Also, diapers. James can wear a size two if necessary, in case you were wondering.

Oh, right, and it was Halloween. Thank goodness the kids wanted to wear costumes we already had. They can sense sharp declines in my mental health.

They were adorable and so excited. Charlie and Wes were at least three houses ahead of the rest of us at all times and we only had to go into one house to retrieve James.

Charlie would like you to know that he was Frankenstein, NOT the Hulk.

Mary was a spring roll! She fell asleep shortly after this picture was taken. I knew that would happen, which is why I chose a costume I could make out of a swaddling blanket.


Friday, after my day-long tantrum about the house Thursday, my parents came over and watched Mary AND cleaned the whole entire house within an inch of its life. It looks beautiful. I did not even know it was possible for it to be as clean as it is now. And while they were doing that, I finished and submitted that proposal I'd been dreading AND got a big chunk of my syllabus for the spring done. I've spent the last seven years choosing between professional accomplishments and an orderly house and to have both in one day was AMAZING. Big thanks to the parents.

Last night we went to the Homecoming parade and pep rally for my university and had a great time and then this morning when Charlie woke up he was SEVEN YEARS OLD ALL OF THE SUDDEN.


Naturally, we had cupcakes for breakfast.


And presents! (It was a Beyblade stadium and tops! Huge hit!)


We had a nice morning, but when I went upstairs to nag him about getting dressed for piano I found him in bed, under the covers, shivering with a fever of 101.1. Which meant he couldn't take friends to the football game as planned. I had to make some very disappointing phone calls. I explained that we were still planning to go, if only for one quarter, but we didn't want to get other kids sick, so we were postponing the fun. Charlie took it in stride, which should have been an indication of how awful he felt.

To cheer him up we gave him ibuprofin and took him to the game as a family, but he stayed curled up in Ryan's lap almost the whole time.

We sat with our wonderful babysitters and their friends and it was a nice day, so we made the most of it. Charlie loves to watch football, so he rallied enough to cheer and get into it for a while. Wes gave him a jersey for our team that Ryan helped him buy at the game that he loves so much he is sleeping in it tonight. One of our babysitters gave Mary this cool bandana.


And James was dubious about this huge inflatable mascot.


At halftime we dragged Wes kicking and screaming to the car and took Charlie home and cuddled up to watch James and the Giant Peach before a birthday dinner of pumpkin waffles. Now I am watching my Red Raiders and gearing up for a long night with Charlie (judging by the coughing I've been hearing, poor baby). Thank goodness we have one more day of weekend. And also this game is stressful to watch.


Chiconky said...

Happy birthday Charlie! Hope he feels better soon. Your kids are adorable. I especially love Mary in her do-rag :)

Candy on Endeavor said...

Me too! Get well soon Charlie, you gotta lotta seven year old stuff to do Man!

Unknown said...

Long time lurker, I really enjoy your blog as I also have 3 boys and then a baby girl and work full time as a chemist. I'm trying to stop lurking like a creeper and let my favorite bloggers know who I am. Anyway, I can totally relate to your life and thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thanks for writing! Erika

Sarah said...

Love the football pics! Happy birthday Charlie!!