Thursday, November 7, 2013

3 months! And random other pictures!

Baby Girl went and turned three months old on us yesterday, which all at once sounds incredibly grown up and also a very short time, considering how seamlessly she has integrated herself into our family. She is a smiley, happy girl and has started laughing occasionally. Hard to believe in another three months she'll be eating real food and sitting up! We are in no hurry, though. She is perfect.


James is absolutely enthralled with Mary. He talks to her while they play, "Hello baby girl! Hello baby girl! Hello baby girl! You cold baby girl? You want blanket? No cry baby girl." And today when she and I returned from work, he told me "I miss Mary." I caught them playing cars on Sunday.


I really hope their sweet friendship continues because James is the only brother she'll go to highschool with and I am fairly certain that that kid is going to be a BRUISER. Mary will be well-protected.

So what's going on with the other kids? Well this evening after dinner I told the kids to go put on jammies so we could watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and after twenty minutes of calling Wes to come downstairs I finally went upstairs to check on him and found him in his closet with his legs stuck in the doll cradle.


He had to sit there like that while I made two trips downstairs, the first for the camera and the second for the memory card. Poor Wes. Also, seriously.

I stumbled on this sweet brother moment the other day when Charlie was home sick from school. They are such great buddies.


And Charlie is doing better! He went back to school today and was so well-behaved I got a happy email from his teacher saying that he made up the other three days worth of work in class today, (which, yay? Because if he can do four days of work in one day maybe there's something to his endless complaints about being bored in school).

Tonight Ryan was playing with Wes and James outside and Charlie came up to me and asked if we could "do our reading thing." We got all snuggled up in the big bed and talked about what is going on in our books and then read together for a while. Love it!


Chiconky said...

I love sneaking up on sibling moments! And I love your reading ritual. It sounds so cozy and happy

Erica said...

Haha. "Enduring minor discomfort while Mommy gets the camera" is a common theme in our house.

Brooke said...

They are so cute. I love James and Mary being buddies. And also Wes in the cradle.

And listen, from someone whose husband is a principal at an elementary school, if Charlie is bored and needs to be challenged, don't hesitate to speak up. Talk to the teacher, ask her to bring her team-leader in to the conversation, ask to bring the principal and counselor in on the conversation. It's too easy for teachers to overlook bright kids but that doesn't make it okay. I don't mean to sound pushy--maybe it's fine!--but if you're concerned, don't hesitate to advocate for him.