Friday, October 11, 2013

Why even if there is no more room for people in here we can never put the house on the market

You are welcome anytime. But it might look like this. Welcome, friends! Griswolds! Addams! Hecks!

Can I offer you a diaper? A dead plant? We're messy but we're fun!


Chiconky said...

I wish I could comment with a picture! My front step currently houses an arm chair, tv tray, decorative shelf waiting to be sold, three socks, and a cars eat base. Klassy.

CP said...

In my opinion, messy people are way more fun that clean people!

Candy said...

Have we never met?? I live on a boat and have to tiptoe around the detritus every time I come diapers but every other kind of messy looking mess, all over.
Haha, you got nothing on your dear ol' grandpappy, his garage overflowed "good stuff" until they moved to Nashua. Be proud of your cultural heritage Bec!