Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The ER! The Baptism! A big weekend!

Mary had an exciting weekend!  It started on Friday when she developed a fever, hives, and a cough.  I called the doctor who said she needed to go to the emergency room RIGHT AWAY NO YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO ARRANGE FOR A SITTER.

I did not know this, but apparently if you are under twelve weeks old and have a fever over 100.4 this is a HUGE PROBLEM.  Mary's temp was 101.1, firmly in "oh shit" territory.

Fortunately for the other two children who were home at the time and the one who needed a ride home from school in forty-five minutes, our babysitter was already scheduled to arrive five minutes after the phone call, so I was able to leave them home.  But, needless to say, it was not the safest drive down I-35 I've ever taken.  I put the car in park before it was completely stopped when I saw Ryan waiting at the door to the emergency room.  He took her in while I parked the car.

They called her back right away for a chest xray, urine sample, and blood draw, all of which she passed with flying colors.  Seven hours later I took her home with a Justavirus diagnosis.  She continues to do well--the cough went away Saturday and she hasn't had any hives since Monday morning, so YAY YAY YAY.  So grateful that everyone is usually healthy because that was Scary.

It's good she was feeling better because Sunday was Mary's Christening!

This not being our first rodeo, we knew not to put her in her dress until four minutes before showtime, so we did a little bloomers and bonnet photoshoot at our house before we left for church.

I LOVE this face. It's like the infant version of "Seriously." Also, hives!

Right before we went inside the church we decked her out in her pretty pink dress. (This happened in the car while Ryan tried in vain to keep the other kids from running around a muddy field near where we'd parked. ONE DAY! I ask you to keep your clothes clean for ONE DAY!)


We took some family pictures.


And then it was showtime.


She was so happy and smiley the whole time. The pastor walked her around the church to introduce her to the congregation and then held for kind of a long time after that while the organist continued to improvise on the lullaby they play for the new babies. It was very sweet. We really love our community.

(Less sweet was the way right after the whole family walked up to the front for the ceremony Wes exclaimed "I have to go potty!" I hesitated for a moment but when I saw that he was about to freak the hell out I told him "JUST GO" and he ran up the center aisle of the church and out the door. A friend's husband went out after him and made sure he came back right after going to the bathroom instead of the normal fooling around with the paper towel dispenser and soap thing he usually does to avoid church.)

Mary spent some time with her Godparents.


And then we went home and had a party. The kind of party where the hosts get out of church late, hit every red light on the way home, and arrive to find half the guests standing on the front lawn. Fortunately we have great friends who also fortunately keep sports equipment in their car so the kids will have something to do while they wait. Later I would put them to work serving mimosas, setting the table, and making the salad.


And of course there was cake!


It was so lovely and crowded with wonderful friends filling our house. Kids running in and out and stealing bites of frosting. People passing babies around. Lots of good food. It was a great way to end the weekend.

(And there was tons of extra cake, which lasted until Wednesday, surprisingly.)


A. said...

Oh, no - baby's first ER visit! Glad it ended up being nothing alarming. You have such a cute family!

A. said...

Also, the bonnet and cake are pink awesomeness!

Brooke said...

Freaking out on your behalf about the ER visit. We have--knock on wood--never had to make one with Zuzu and I myself get hives at the mere idea of it. So glad it was Justavirus and everything's okay.

The bonnet is so precious I can hardly handle it.