Saturday, October 5, 2013

Middle middle

So Wes turned five last weekend and it just occurred to me that I hadn't written about it yet, which is the story of Wes's life.  Fortunately for him, and all of us, Wes is COOL.  He's up for anything, always ready for fun, and a friend to all the siblings.  He makes up elaborate narratives using his "guys" (pictured), cars, blocks, cardboard boxes, and anything else he can lay his hands on.

He still will not willingly eat anything that was ever grown in the ground (exception to the rule: bananas and beans of all descriptions), but the other day I convinced him a pomegranate seed tasted like a Sweet Tart and he popped it in his mouth with a minimum of convincing.  He spit it out a moment later, but HE TRIED.  That is progress.

He got to join children's choir this year and has the same teacher Charlie had for Pre-K.  All of this makes him feel terribly grown up.  So does tagging along to Charlie's Scout meetings.  He loves other kids and can make friends with anyone.  This summer when we were stranded at JFK for seven hours, Wes had befriended almost everyone at our gate.  Once we asked him how he knew when someone was his friend and he said "When they talk to me, they are my friend."  By that definition, Wes has friends at the grocery store, the airport, at church, at school, at Charlie's school, at the doctor, and everywhere else he's ever been.  He's a friendly friend and I love that about him.



He asked for a chocolate digger cake, just like the one he had last year.  Chocolate cake and chocolate icing with Oreos and a digger.


He even made it "dig" in the frosting a little bit after he blew out the candles.


Wes shares my sweet tooth.  He and Buddy the Elf would get along fabulously.  Yesterday I had to send him outside after he'd sneaked the icing off of a third cupcake (just the icing!).  He's getting so tall we can't always hide things in the microwave like we used to.  He would live on cookies if we let him.  Cookies and beans.  Bachelorhood should be no problem for him.

We gave him a Hot Wheels track for his birthday and when he opened it he began screaming "HOT WHEELS!  HOT WHEELS!  HOT WHEELS!" and ran to Charlie for a huge bear hug before they both went running all over the downstairs screaming.  Charlie is Wes's best friend and they go to each other before even remembering that Ryan and I exist.  Probably because I usually correct them when they sing things like "Jingle fart jingle fart jingle all the way" and brothers just get how hilarious that is.  When we pick Charlie up from school Wes runs at him and hugs him tightly then hangs on and wraps his legs around him.  Charlie secretly loves this.


Sometimes we call Wes our fratboy (because he is so wonderfully wild and carefree and also because he has fallen asleep in front of the toilet more than once) and now when we find things like this now we only smile and shake our heads.


He was so disappointed that we didn't invite friends to his birthday night dinner that he cried and said "I'll NEVER turn FIVE AGAIN!"  He so rarely freaks out about something so personal (usually it's more like "I wanted to put the jelly on my bagel and you did it for me) that I knew we had to plan something special really soon.  So he invited four friends over for pizza and a movie and cupcakes last night.  He was so proud to have everyone over and introduce them to the other kids.  He especially wanted to show Mary off.  This kid.


The other kids couldn't believe they got to eat pizza in the living room with the TV on.  But that's how we do things in our family--what starts as a way to get some peace and quiet on Friday nights for Ryan and me to talk to each other like big people turns into a treasured family tradition.  There's no way to plan these things. Wes's friends are all nice kids too and it was a great time.


Happy birthday to our favorite superhero!


LL said...

Love this!! and Happy Belated Birthday to Wes!

(Also, sometimes I think Landon is actually our middle child. Not that we even have a middle yet, and he's clearly 3 years older than Claire, but he's so much like Wes. Claire is totally our oldest :).

Sarah said...

No wonder he and Jack got along so well. Jack still talks about "West." Happy birthday!

Chiconky said...

So sweet! Happy birthday Wes!