Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beep beep

Fun morning at our house!

I was upstairs getting ready as Ryan left for work when I heard loud honking coming from the driveway.  Naturally I assumed Ryan had finally snapped under the pressure of bringing home the bacon and caring for the needs of four (five counting me?) emotionally volatile children.  To be fair, he once thought the same thing about me when he heard me honking wildly in the garage, but that was because the door was open and I was trying to scare our dog back into the house.

When I looked out the front window I saw him sitting calmly in the driver's seat, jiggling his steering wheel, his engineer's look of concentration on his face, trying to get the honking to stop because apparently the car had a mind of its own.


It was just after eight o'clock in the morning.

"Well we can definitely not complain about the neighbor's car alarm now," I thought, "how annoying."

The honking stopped sometime while I was running down the stairs and when I went outside Ryan was rolling the car down the driveway to leave (the car no longer goes in reverse).  James and I waved goodbye and had just turned to go back into the house when I heard it start up again as Ryan rounded the corner.


Ryan was getting out of the car, horn still blaring, when we made it around the corner from our house.  He opened the hood, muttering something I couldn't make out over the racket, ripped the cover off the fusebox and started messing around inside.  I stood next to him with my hands over my ears yelling over the noise "LET ME DRIVE YOU TO WORK, IT'S REALLY NO TROUBLE" when he ripped a black piece of plastic and metal out of the car and the honking stopped abruptly

 He examined it for a moment, saying to himself "Maybe it's the relay."

Then, turning to me, "Fixed it! Have a good day!"

He was about to get back in the car to go to work with no horn and no reverse when I suggested maybe we should drive him in this time?  Because what if that thing you just ripped out of the car just now does something besides just the horn?

Because while he has three advanced degrees in engineering, he does not have the hormonal anxiety disorder I have that would prevent him from driving on the highway with a mysterious piece of the car IN HIS SHIRT POCKET.

So he drove around the block (no reverse, remember?) and came home and we all took him to work on the way to the Y.

I am pretty sure he is still taking the honk-mobile in tomorrow.  But its days are numbered (Ryan disagrees).

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