Monday, September 2, 2013

Week Four: The dirt is winning.

Man, what a well-timed long weekend. I'm not sure what kind of trippy Lean In moment I was having when I decided I could totally swing teaching a lecture and two labs this semester (I actually remember the moment clearly, I was sitting at my desk talking about the fall schedule with my department chair and he asked when I wanted to have my earth science class and I said something like "Actually, I should tell you we are expecting another baby this summer" and then to take the focus off me and my cuh-razy body I added "but I still plan to teach in the fall, so let's shoot for a Tuesday/Thursday slot." And then I avoided eye contact for the rest of the month.), but getting all (FOUR OF THE) kids to bed and then sitting down to prep for class is kind of brutal.

Which is why I'm blogging, naturally. Tomorrow I have to talk about igneous rocks, which is kind of a cool subject (it's actually hot, very very hot, lots of pressure and heat and magma and lava). But I also have to come up with a "take home lab" which is what I hastily scribbled into this week's lesson plan several weeks ago when I figured I had plenty of time to figure out exactly what that meant. Guess what, it's later!

Other areas in which I excel at awesome is domestically, where this dirty dishtowel went unnoticed on the kitchen table for so long that it can now support its own weight.


But look who's getting all clean and stuff...


Yes! All four of the children bathed multiple times this weekend after Charlie told a guest "Saturday is bath day" and Ryan and I were like "Haha, he's so funny--wait a minute."

Mary finds this new experience strange, but pleasant.


Sarah said...

I did not bathe Cooper or Dorothy for a long time when they were tiny. Because tiny babies do not get dirty. But you know who does get dirty? Little boys. I have to wipe black hand prints and footprints off the sides of the tub EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Ew.

Chiconky said...

I took Avery to her six month appointment and the doc mentioned bath time. That's when I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I bathed her.

Brooke said...

Saturday is bath day for Laura Ingalls Wilder.

CP said...

Mary is adorable! You are a rock star mommy!

Elsha said...

baby in the bath! Adorable! (Also, I've totally had dishtowels like that and I don't have 4 kids.)