Sunday, September 22, 2013

Up in the sky! It's a BIRD! It's a PLANE!

We took the family to The Superhero Kids 1K this weekend. If you are unfamiliar, The Superhero Kids 1K is an event where five thousand people dress their kids in the same four costumes then crowd into a city street and go for an extremely chaotic one kilometer "road race." You will definitely lose your children multiple times and the odds of you tripping over a tiny, disoriented Spider Man are quite high.


It's really a miracle we made it home with the same four children we left with, especially given the varying athletic abilities of our group. For example, I have no athletic ability, especially after the pregnancy complication forced me to eat multiple batches of cookies every week and sit on the couch all day, but I managed to hang on to Mary as I chased Charlie and Wes the first quarter of a mile until Ryan managed to catch up to us pushing the empty stroller with James riding on his shoulders.


Ryan left me the stroller and continued to run with the big kids, James still on his shoulders. Man of Steel!


I stashed Mary in the big kid seat of the double stroller and tightened it as far as it would go then "ran" behind them, trying to follow the bouncing Spider Man, who I could see over everyone's heads. I finally caught up with them at the finish line, long after they had finished. Mary and I clocked in at twelve minutes. FEEL THE BURN.


The Justice League!


After the race we went out for breakfast tacos with some superhero friends. There were some smiles and polite laughter as we walked in past the outdoor seating area. Probably smiles of gratitude and relief since everyone felt really safe from purse snatchings, bank robberies, and alien invasion. Or maybe they were just worried that the parent to child ratio of the place was about to go way, WAY down.


It was a raucous and fun two-hour breakfast, but then we had to leave because Spiderman became overstimulated and had to be put to bed. Until next year!


Candy said...

The Incredibles on parade. Love the photos, best love to all... C

esperanza said...

hahaha! loved reading it :) sounds like a memorable day.