Friday, September 6, 2013


Just back from Target where I went to buy nipple shields and lunch boxes because we were fresh out of both. Somehow I managed to lose my last remaining shield last night after a church meeting. I got home with a fussy Mary, looked in my purse for the shield, and IT WAS GONE. This was a big problem since, while she can nurse without one during the day, we'd never tried it at night. Turns out she CANNOT eat at night without the shield! Just a lot of crying and looking at me in sad confusion!

So at 4:00 this morning Ryan and I spent a tense hour attempting to teach a four week old baby a complicated new skill then finally pumping and feeding her a bottle. In between there was time for lots of bickering. I pumped the morning feeding too and let Wes give her a bottle in the car on the way to school (Duggar style!) and then went to Target for more shields after dropoff and breakfast with a friend and when I got out to my car a hundred dollars later YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN MY PURSE! You guessed it, the lost shield.

I guess I should be relieved that I didn't leave it on the table at church last night, but really, COME ON.

Also I found the chevron print maxi skirt I've been looking for my whole life and some cheap tshirts I'm hoping will be baggy (fat chance, haha get it?).

We are out of lunchboxes because Charlie lost his at camp and threw up in Wes's after he tried to read Harry Potter during a car trip. True story.

Here's a special back to school picture for you!


I call it "NO HELP, MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And have I shown you Charlie's yet?

So tall I can't STAND IT.


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