Monday, September 16, 2013


It's ten thirty in the morning and I'm eating a bowl of chili. Because I am starving and will probably eat all the kids' raspberry star sugar cookies if I don't have something solid soon. So there you go. Also I am wearing a new pair of jeans with a real live waistband and button and zipper, which is, you know, progress. It's much harder to justify binge eating the kids' cookies when you are not wearing an elastic waistband.

Saturday Charlie asked if we could all put on our jammies and go to Sonic for milkshakes after dinner and Ryan and I said "Get in the car, you are a genius-child." Who is this kid with all the awesome ideas all of the sudden?


I even wore my jammies.


I also got really into it and wore the purple sequined scrunchie the kids think is so hilarious because it's not like we were going to see anyone we knew!

Guess what? We ran into a friend of Ryan's from work. In my pink tie-dyed capri length pajama pants. And my purple scrunchie. Super.

Yesterday we took a family trip out for lunch and to the outlet mall where I went to buy bras after I RIPPED MY ONLY BEIGE ONE IN HALF yesterday trying to put it on. Nursing is messy, you guys. Anyway, after I picked out my bras Ryan seemed to have things under control at the mechanical toy area in the middle of the mall and I ducked into the Gap to try and find some pooch-friendly shirts. I had found several contenders and was in the dressing room looking at my butt in the mirror in a pair of curvy-straight jeans wondering if it was Too Soon for Denim when I heard James's distinctive growl scream coming from somewhere in the store.

Thinking Ryan had come in looking for me I quickly changed and grabbed all the clothes and ran out of the dressing room to find Ryan standing next to the bathroom with Mary and James. There was lots of giggling and shrieking coming from inside the bathroom (where Wes and Charlie were), so I ran to check out while Ryan dealt with that so we could get out of there.

(I bought the jeans. In my pre-pregnancy size, which is not the size I want to stay at, but is good news all the same. I'd say I'm not as huge as after Charlie but not as miniskirt ready as after Wes. Something in between. I'll take it.)

It took us nearly fifteen minutes to walk the two-hundred yards to the car and by the time we got there only one kid was still walking under his own power and two kids were screaming. Ryan looked at me and said "Geez, so THIS is why you can't go anywhere during the week!" INDEED, wise husband. This IS why we don't leave the house during the week.

Epilogue: We bought a pizza on the way home and started bedtime just after six PM. Because, DUDE.


Sarah said...

I feel like a youtube video but IT GETS BETTER. I often take everyone out when I am on my own with them because it is way less messy than being at home.

I have gotten way less uptight about public bathrooms, though, because there's NO FREAKING WAY to properly supervise Harry and Jack with 2 babies. Also, when Cooper is potty trained, it's going to get terrible with the juggling of people in dirty, dirty spaces. Maybe I will keep in him in diapers forever for portability reasons.

Yay for the jeans!

Erica said...

I really like Mary's "Why is the straw pointing AWAY from me?" face.

Rima said...

Elastic waistbands are so deceptive. They make you feel like things aren't so bad . . .

And you know what? I think you go on more fun outings with your four kids than I do with my two! Good thing they don't read this blog (yet ;)