Monday, September 9, 2013

Not so much complaining as standing back and marveling at the overwhelmingness

Holy kamoley you guys I can't believe how much crap there is to do around here (literal and figurative crap, that is) to keep the place running. My plan this morning was to spend "preschool hours" working on a paper my coauthor wants by yesterday (OOPS), but I am just now sitting down to write AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN PROCRASTINATING.

I did dropoff. Then our weekly grocery shopping. Then I put the food away. Then I switched the laundry over. Then I changed the Deepwater Horizon of diapers. Then I changed Mary's outfit. Then I fed Mary/dealt with my work email.

And now it is ELEVEN O'CLOCK. I have to leave to get the big boys at 12:30. Which is why I am here talking to you and eating chocolate chips, naturally.

AND, I still need to unload/reload the dishwasher, fold three loads of laundry, make a pan of veggie enchiladas, pick up the various children at their various schools, and I should really REALLY get around to washing the sheets, but HA HA HA. There's only one thing on that list that I will be held accountable for so GUESS WHAT'S GETTING DONE. School pickups! So I don't go to jail!

Fortunately Mary will be at student seminar with her colleagues Duck and Zebra for another few minutes.


Maybe I can get through the Analysis section. MAYBE. Possibly my time would be better spent writing another apology email to my coauthor.


Erica said...

Eating chocolate chips is in fact the natural response to all that. Also, even though you said "kamoley" it STILL managed to make me want guacamole. The human brain is amazing.

Sarah said...

Oh my, I am tired just reading that. Chocolate chips for sure.