Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Maladaptive Behavior Edition

1. So if all the screaming and writhing on the floor is any indication, Wes seems to be having the most difficult time of the three boys adjusting to Mary's arrival. Every single time we get home in the car Wes refuses to get out. This makes things slightly complicated seeing as I can't lift him for another few days and he sits in the way back. Once my mom came over and I was calmly sitting on the hood of my car with Mary in the carrier. James was in the playroom looking out through the window forlornly, and Wes was lying in the side yard screaming. My mom thought something was terribly wrong. But no. It's just Wes, frustrated.

2. For reasons related to #1 we made a U-turn this afternoon while we were on the way to a restaurant where we were planning to enjoy a beer, some live music, and a playground. We were nearly there, but Wes was screaming, Charlie was whining endlessly about something trivial, Mary was fussing, and James was asleep. Not the recipe for a pleasurable family outing. I've learned enough in the last six years of parenting to know when to pull the plug. We stopped at the grocery store and bought milk and a six pack of Shiners. I had one the moment we got home. It may have been the most amazing beer I have ever tasted. Magical family afternoon, CHECK.

3. Speaking of shiners, James is responding to the change in our household by hurting himself every chance he gets. Those of you who know me on Facebook know that he gave himself whiplash on the Slip n'Slide. In classic third baby fashion we did not know there was an actual problem until the next morning when he awakened rubbing his neck and crying. So we've added "Baby's first C-spine Xray" to the nonexistant baby book and are treating him with Advil and massage. He seems to be unphased, except for the tantrums that occur when he asks to use the Slip n'Slide and we say no. In addition to that he also now has a black eye that he incurred by walking down the upstairs hallway, tripping over his lovey, and falling face-first onto a toy car.

4. One thing I always want to remember about Mary's arrival is James following a pair of new parents and their baby down the hall of the hospital yelling "TOUCH BABY! TOUCH BABY! TOUCH BABY! TOUCH BABY!" I've never seen a postpartum woman walk that fast before. James should be a physical therapist.

5. Mary had some nursing issues for a while. She wouldn't eat at all. The nurses (more than one!) said to me "You're doing everything perfectly, I don't know what is going on." So I pumped and gave her a couple teeny little bottles and they gave her a little formula one night after I could only pump ONE FREAKING MILLILITER and this really deserves its own post, but it was NOT a great experience for me. So many newborn weight checks! So much anxiety! So many multi-hour feeding attempts in the middle of the night. And conflicting advice from EVERYONE. Fortunately we sorted things out (she sorted things out, I was "doing everything perfectly" remember?) and now she is doing fine (as long as there is a nipple shield, which is not my favorite but I like it better than plunking down twenty bucks for a can of formula every few days). Anyway, today she had her first normal newborn poop and I was beyond excited. Wrist rolls HERE WE COME!

6. I can no longer balance snacks on my tummy. Sort of a thumbs up/thumbs down, really.

7. We went to church last week, did I mention? We were kind of a sideshow between the squirmy James and hungry Mary. Ryan spent the whole service with James on the Bench of Shame in the lobby and I spent the whole thing in the back trying to discreetly arrange the nipple shield and get a very inexperienced and noisy Mary latched on under the pretty floral nursing cape my friend gave me. Wes and Charlie stayed with Ryan's parents in the pew. The pastor had a good-natured laugh at our expense during hand-shaking time on the way out. We were overwhelmed by love and well wishes and support and it took us nearly an hour to get to the car. It made me think of the words of the baptism liturgy "...we will surround her with a community of love and acceptance." I am so glad we went. I love our community.



Sarah said...

#4 is hilarious! Hope nursing continues to improve and you can ditch the shield soon!

Chiconky said...

I'm still too stubborn to learn when to pull the plug, but I have learned that how hot it is and how whiny my kids are is directly related to how delicious my beer is.
Your stories about your church are part of what inspired me to find a church of our own. So glad you have such an awesome community!

Charley said...

This is awesome!