Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ready or not!

The party is over tomorrow. And by party I mean summer and I also mean the boozy college party we've been living in for the last three-ish weeks since Mary joined the family. The one where no one wakes up in the same bed they went to sleep in and some chick (me) is always running around topless and there are half-drunk drinks and plates of food in all the bedrooms (and bathrooms, who are we kidding) and there's always one kid who can't stop crying for some reason no one can identify.

I have been looking forward to the return of the great and powerful Structure for some time now, but I have to admit I got a little twinge tonight when I awakened at eight thirty to found myself drooling on my pillow next to Charlie who was still wide awake, trying to finish Mr. Popper's Penguins, and I had to tell him it was time to go to sleep. I mean, he may have thrown Wes to the ground over a video game dispute today, which was the last straw that led to me rounding 4:38 up to 5:00 and having the last of the Malbec a friend brought me, but he's still, most of the time, he's pretty great to have around.

I feel like I missed summer this year, between the research project, the traveling for work, and the pregnancy. And now it is over. The kids are ALL badly in need of some kind of externally imposed routine (School!) and so am I, but I sure am going to miss waking up to Charlie and Wes "sneaking" in from their room and snuggling up next to me in bed and ending the day with late night read-a-thons (also in the big bed, the end of the pregnancy was difficult, the kids adapted).

I have no desire to eat watermelon for the next seven months, I do not want to swim, I'm ready to wear jeans and scarves and make pumpkin bread and chili for dinner. I want to buy Mary tights and Mary Janes and dress the boys in cozy sweaters and make them hot chocolate after school.

I'm not sad to see summer end this year. But I'm not ready to see Wes heartbroken over Charlie leaving every morning and I'm not ready to see Charlie exhausted and anxious after school every afternoon. I wish I didn't have to leave everyone behind to go to work (who am I kidding work is awesome. Not ready to leave Lady Mary, though, as you might imagine, I've been looking into a big, loose-fitting sweater to hide her under).

And I'm REALLY not ready to wake up with an alarm clock of the non-human variety. GAH, WHY?!

Ready or not...

Aaaaannnnd there's the human alarm clock now, so I really had better go. I am not sure any of this makes sense. You're welcome.


Sarah said...

Lady Mary-- love it! Dorothy and I are inseparable for the next 6 months-- just bring her with you :)

gina said...

Gotta love back to school changes, the good and the bad. I feel exactly how you feel yet my baby was born in May. Sheesh, I really need to get it together :)
Good luck!