Sunday, August 4, 2013

Frank! the! Tank!

The good news is we got Wes's first kiss out of the way this morning.  That should save a lot of teenage angst.  And it happened at church, no less.

Wes has a friend, V.  They were in preschool together last year and were inseparable.  Every day I asked Wes "Who did you sit by at lunch?" he told me "V".  Same for "Who did you play with on the playground?" and "Who did you sit by at chapel?"

We usually see V's family at church on Sundays so this summer, when they don't get to see each other regularly at school, they at least get to spend a few minutes together on Sundays.

Wes made V a card in Sunday School once and had his teacher help him sign it "Love, Wes."

V's mom told me that her husband had read it "To V, from your good friend, Wes."

So he is not exactly comfortable with their budding relationship.

Which is why it was so amusing two Sundays ago when Wes crossed the aisle as soon as the Benediction was over and wrapped V in an enormous bear hug before explaining to her father "We lub each-udder."  There were two more bear hugs after that before V's mom and I gently pulled them apart.  They reeeeallllly lub each-udder.

 This morning we went to church despite me swearing off public places until after we get home from the hospital.  Just church, though, no Sunday School.  There's only so much sitting up and wearing shoes I can take, after all.

After communion Wes wanted to go kneel at the alter rail.  Hardly one to stand in the way of Wes's prayer life, I agreed.  We returned to our seats in the second pew and Wes stayed up there for several minutes.  And then V's family walked by.  I wondered what would happen.

V bounced up to Wes and knelt down next to him.  Wes turned, his face brightened, and then he gave her a huge hug.  Before he let her go he pulled back and KISSED HER ON THE FOREHEAD.

Right there in front of her parents and grandparents and the entire congregation.  AND HER DAD.

I turned to Ryan like "Did you see that?" and he said "I thought he was going for her mouth!"

So my kid put the moves on someone at church.  Not all sneaky-like out in the hall during Youth as is customary, but right out there in front of God and everybody, DURING COMMUNION ON SUNDAY MORNING.  At AGE 4.  Fortunately V's mom is lovely and I could totally see us having fun as inlaws.


Bridget McCarthy said...

My son drew a pee-pee on the man featured in this week's Bible Lesson picture. He was incredibly proud of it. And pointed it out to me in his VERY LOUD VOICE while I was standing next to the minister's wife and the woman who conducts the choir. Let's just go ahead and see if I get asked to participate on any committees.

candy said...

That Wes! I guess you could look at it like this: he's both a lover and a fighter! does he like to dance and draw too? Maybe he's a Renaissance Man.

Hey Today is Tuesday already, good luck with your Fetusita birthday tomorrow!

Kyla said...

I love that. But then again, my 8 year old is "married". ;)