Friday, August 30, 2013

Cheeks! And cleavage!


Look at those cheeks! We had a doctor's appointment today because Mary has some eye gunk and also because I really wanted to weigh her and she is up to 9 pounds and 13 ounces! Finally past her birth weight. Phew. Pretty good for a baby who refused to eat for several days, dropped 9.5% of her birthweight, and then gained a s-l-o-w three to five ounces a week after that. I counted a lot of diapers and did a lot of pre/post-feed manual boob weighing to make sure she was actually getting calories. I think we're back on track now. Which is good because her brothers are terrifyingly clumsy and she's going to need some girth.

She is such an easygoing baby that she's been coming up to school with me for class. My dad holds her when I am teaching, but before and after, she can be with me. She usually sleeps in her stroller or cuddled up with me. So far she's attended a research meeting and visited someone else's classroom when the instructor had a question about the projection system. I LOVE this setup, but I'm light on productivity when holding a baby in one arm, so eventually she'll have to stay home with the other kids. Sad!

Speaking of class, on Thursday I passed out boxes of mineral samples and divided the class into groups. We went over the mineral properties one by one and after each one they had to find a mineral sample that demonstrated that property. The students were talking amongst themselves when it was time to go over the third property, "cleavage", so I stood up and said "CLEAVAGE!" Everyone stopped talking and looked right at me. I may keep this in mind if I need to get their attention in the future. I do the same thing at home except I say "POPSICLE!" or "COOKIE!" but maybe when they get older "CLEAVAGE" will work.

Oh, and that reminds me that James learned to massage knots out of his pectoral region using his thumbs JUST LIKE I DO. He offered to help me this morning while I was pumping. I declined.

Also, IT'S A THREE DAY WEEKEND. I am very excited about having a 2:4 ratio for the next 72 hours.


lonek8 said...

I've always wondered what I missed out on not being able to breast feed. Now I know: post feed manual boob weighing.

Pop her in a carrier and boom, two hands free. Keep her with you always, she is adorable

Sarah said...

I agree with Kate about the free hands and always with you :)