Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pop Goes the Fourth

I started this post three days ago (Work! Friends over for dinner! Visiting Grandparents! Human being occupying much of my abdomen!), but haven't been able to finish it until now (I HOPE), but have I mentioned how much I love the Fourth of July? Like LOVE love. So does Charlie, apparently, who appeared in our bedroom at 6:00 on the nose on the 4th, fully dressed and ready to decorate his bike for the parade. Love that kid. He and Wes and Ryan spent the whole morning decorating their bikes.


I am kind of a princess right now and wasn't up for the six block walk straight uphill to the parade starting line, so I drove the car to the end of the parade route to wait for Ryan and the kids to pass by. I took a picture of my feet both to test out my camera and to commemorate the first time my ankles have tapered (almost) normally in six weeks.


And the parade began. Charlie was riding with his Cub Scout troop this year, which was SO EXCITING (!!!!!!!11!!!) for all of us. He didn't even notice me standing on the sidewalk because he was talking to his friends (in a voice at least half an octave lower than normal) on their bikes. It was really, really awesome. And adorable. But don't tell him that.


The rest of the family led up a pack of Cub Scout dads and siblings on bikes and a guy pulling a cooler of popsicles in a wagon. Wes thinks he's a Cub Scout too. Poor, sweet baby.


So exciting!


The tradition at the end of the parade route is for the hook and ladder fire truck to spray water up in the air so all the little Texas kids can remember what rain looks like. Charlie and Wes were hesitant last year, but this year they took off as soon as they saw the ladder going up.

I have no idea where my family is.

There's Charlie!


There's Wes!


There's James, looking like an extra from a post-apocalyptic summer blockbuster.


We had planned to go to the pancake breakfast right after the parade, but obviously we had to go home and change first. The reason we had to go to the pancake breakfast is because it's at the fire station and every year we take a picture of the kids on the bumper of the fire truck.

Starting with just Charlie in 2008.


And adding in Baby Wes in 2009.

Firetruck Brothers

Slightly more grown up Charlie and Wes in 2010.

Annual Firetruck Picture

2011 we missed because we were on an airplane to Maine, so this one is funny because SURPRISE! A TODDLER!


And this year we were all mad at each other due to low blood sugar, so there was no chummy arms around shoulders nonsense. Special memories!


Next year there will be an almost one year old baby girl up there with them (and probably some disembodied hands coming from the side of the frame to ensure she doesn't fling herself off the bumper/get pushed/dropped by a brother). My due date is one month from today! I am horribly uncomfortable! It's hot! So, in other words, a month sounds at the same time veeeeerrrrrrryyyy long and impossibly fast. We have the crib setup, the carseat installed, and diapers in the house (somewhere). So that leaves... finding someone to be our 3 AM call person, a changing table pad for the dresser in her room, sensitivity training for James, who keeps getting in the infant seat and refusing to get out when we get in the car.


Kyla said...

Love these photos! So fun to watch your little clan grow up in height and in number!

Sarah said...

Love the pics!

KW said...

An extra from a post-apocalyptic summer blockbuster... love it!

Bridget McCarthy said...

One month to go! Yay!! What a great "rain" tradition. I might have to talk our fire department into doing something like that!

Marianne said...

I know this was forever ago... but, a) I hope you're feeling well (two more weeks!) and b) I cannot get over how much James is a little Charlie. You have such an awesome little family, Becca. XO