Friday, June 14, 2013

You're On Speaker

Ryan:  Hi!  Charlie, Wes, come here, Mama's on the phone!!!

Charlie:  HI MOM!!  I MISS YOU.

James:  Cheeeeese!

Wes:  Rossby threw up in da playroom!

James:  Cheeeeese!

Wes:  I had a ham sandwich for dinner.  We went to da playground.  I rode my bike.

Charlie:  When do you come home?

Me:  Tomorrow before dinner!

Wes, Charlie:  Yayyayayayaayaayya!

James:  Cheeeeeeese!

Ryan:  How did your day go?  Did you get a lot done?

Me:  Yes, it was great!  The students did some work on the tower and we had a great research meeting.  We spent a lot of time working on the Matlab--

Wes: Rossby. THREW. UP!

Me:  Trying to get through the Sandy data.  Good day.  I got to see Dr. Advisor.


Ryan (to James):  No, sweetie pie, I'm not taking pictures, I'm talking to Mama.

Wes (in background):  Mama is HERE!!!!!

Ryan:  Are you here??

Me:  No, I'm in the old town.

Wes, (insistent):  Mama is HERE!!!!!  There's her car!

Ryan: No, buddy, she's on the phone from far away.  She'll be back tomorrow.

(There are muffled sad sounds)


Charlie:  Do I have to go to camp tomorrow?  When are you coming back?  When can we go to Maine.

Ryan:  Wes, buddy, it's OK.  She'll be here tomorrow.  Before dinner!  Why don't you come talk to her some more.  It's OK.

Me:  Hey, Wes!  Tell me more about the playground!  How was the rest of your day?

Wes:  Papa gave us ice cream.

Me:  Great!  That sounds awesome.  You know what I saw today?

Wes:  What?

Me:  A prairie dog!  It was just like Ross, only tiny.  And it was eating--

Wes:  Rossby threw up in the playroom!  (giggle giggle giggle)

Ryan:  OK, everyone, time to get ready for bed.  Everyone say goodnight!

Charlie, Wes:  NIGHT!!!!!

James:  Might might!

Ryan:  I can't wait to see you tomorrow.  Love you!  Night!

Me:  You too.  Goodnight.

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sarah said...

omg, the "CHEEEEEEEESE" kills me! I love that!

So I'm guessing Rosby threw up?