Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remember the Alamo

Greetings from San Antonio! This has turned out to be a really good trip. After another meltdown Tuesday evening after an exhausting day walking up stairs and hills and a teaching practicum that went very, very badly, I wanted to bail out and go home. Highly professional. Highly.

OH, and did I mention that my feet became alarmingly swollen from all the sitting and walking and I had to wrap them up in my baby girdle to get them back to (almost) normal? It was a great moment. I was quite proud of my wrapping skills.

But our sitter sent me these pictures, which made things seem better.



The kids had camp! And after that they went to their favorite playground! And then they got snowcones! And climbed trees! They sounded happy and relaxed on the phone. Hooray!

Ryan sent this one of them eating homemade black bean burgers.


So in summary, they are having more fun and eating better than if I was home. I do not have a problem with this. I have some limitations right now. I am just glad they are having fun.

Wednesday morning started with this!


A google hangout with two of my four favorite people! A great way to start the day. Great. We couldn't do it this morning because they had to get ready for camp but Ryan said we could tomorrow. Also, they fixed the issue with the hot water in the dorm showers, so all around, it was a great morning. (Aside: the dorm they put us in? WAY nicer than other dorms. Carpet! Private bathrooms! No roommate! A huge balcony with a pretty view of campus! I may have chosen the wrong UG institution. Possibly)

Later, my second lesson went WAY, WAY, WAY better than the first. WAY. Good feedback from everyone plus two down one to go!

That night James couldn't decide if he'd rather have ice cream or his thumb.


Today we had a regroup session in the morning where we shared concerns about issues we are having in our classes and brainstormed solutions. There is lots of time for discussion and reflection. The group is from all different disciplines and many different universities, but everyone is so smart and friendly and interested in each others work. Conversations at meals are just as valuable as the scheduled times. And for whatever reason (could it be the belleh?) everyone wants to talk to me about their kids. Which is great! I have several good pictures on my desktop all ready to go so we can compare. You hear about all the horror stories about academia and family and how it's a big secret and this is something completely new to me. They are also interested in my research and my classes, though. It's a good mix.

And at night (after a two-hour after-dinner plenary, which is kind of exhausting but in a good way) they have a room upstairs in the dorm with a big screen TV and a fridge full of beer, though I'm more interested in the bowl of halloween candy and the Trader Joe's chocolate bar supply and the nice cold water to drink.

Today we had a morning plenary and then they took us to a mission for a tour. We are taking a break now before a trip out for dinner somewhere. And then I will come back here, put on the Ladies' Support Stockings that I got at Walgreens when I figured I didn't want to leave the room wearing my girdle booties, and go up to watch the Spurs game.

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Candy said...

oh good, you are sounding like your old self again! I lol about your using the girdle to wrap your bageling ankles, poor ankles!

More success tomorrow!