Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Morning's Babysitter Briefing

Alternative title: Two weeks into my eight week research project and things have begun to unravel...

Would you please switch the laundry over when you get to my house?  I finally dried that load I've been washing over and over for the last three days.  You can put the dry stuff in the pile I've started on the dining room floor between the compressor and the new bathroom sink.

There is now toilet paper in the kids' bathroom upstairs, so you won't have to use ours but you should probably not leave Wes up there unsupervised.

I cleaned both the toilets up there so it doesn't look like a truck stop.

And emptied the trash cans for the same reason.

The house smells weird because I brewed coffee with no water this morning.

Kids shouldn't be in the back yard alone today, there's a tile saw and a toilet out there and who knows what is living in the grass.  Ryan is mowing tonight.

Yes, James does have shoes in the car here somewhere.  Thanks for reminding me.

 Yes he's still wearing his jammies.

And errrrrm, you better take them out for lunch today.  I'll add it to your check because I have no cash.


Sarah said...

Ha! Awesome.

sarah said...

brewed coffe w/o water! Love it! You're a modern day Lucille Ball, my friend.

Laura said...

I could not stop laughing at this post because I, too, am pregnant and loony. Today I left the house wearing slippers and the other day I stood next to a car in a parking lot clicking my keyless entry thingie and did not realize it wasn't my car until I tried to open the door. Preggo brain is awesomely frustrating.

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