Sunday, May 12, 2013

The holiday Charlie calls "Dia de Mama"

Fun Mother's Day around here. Fun weekend really. Really the only bad thing was that we had to take Charlie to after hours care to see a doctor because he whacked his head on the playground Thursday at school and has had headaches on and off ever since and has a huge bruise on the back of his head. Turns out he has a very (VERY) mild concussion (he had to do, no lie, a field sobriety test, which he passed thank goodness, I mean, it was only one beer over dinner!) that should stop bothering him by the end of next week. And he hasn't complained about it since then, especially since it got him out of teeball Saturday morning, so I guess he's feeling better.

We spent the rest of the day having my mom over for a Mother's Day lunch and going to my niece's dance recital (adorable) before heading to my sister's for pie and baby pool time. A perfectly nice, relaxing day.

Today began with a flurry of handmade crafts from Charlie and Wes. Those kids were busy. And sweet! Wes made me a potholder with "A picture of me and you and two hearts because we love each other" (he kills me) and Charlie with a nice card, several pictures, and a personal interview about me. (What does mom like? Tacos. What does Mom not like? When I don't follow directions. Indeed.). Such incredibly nice kids. I am so lucky.

After that we went to my new favorite taco place for breakfast (ha. I really do love tacos right now) where I explained to Ryan that for my present I wanted to order a migas taco and a brownie and I didn't want anyone to ask for a bite or judge me. Everyone cooperated (except James who kept trying to narc me out about the brownie hidden in my purse by yelling "eat! eat! mmmmm! mmmm!" So glad we are teaching him to talk) and breakfast was yummy and funny and great.

After that we did the usual Sunday School-church gauntlet of shh shh shh stop playing with that face forward you do NOT want me to take you out of here and then went home for James's nap and lunch.

But my FAVORITE part of the day was when we packed up a picnic dinner and headed to the natural spring swimming pool here. The kids have never been, but it is a place Ryan and I love and have spent lots of time (pre-kid time, obviously).

I thought to take a "before" picture, which is good because at the end everyone's lips were blue.


James was happy to stay on the ramp, but had to wear his lifejacket because there are three of them and only one ablebodied kid-chaser.


Sometimes he got thirsty.


Wes got braver and braver and eventually walked way out to the middle with Charlie. It was up to his chest and the water is FREEZING.


Charlie paddled around for some time before he ran past me saying "I don't trust this water!" and wrapping up in two towels.


When you say "Who wants to go eat our picnic?" James says "MEEEEEEE!" and raises his hand.


We had a picnic overlooking the pool (the kids had standard lunch fare, but Ryan brought me a caprese salad sandwich for the holiday)...


...then watched teenagers show off to each other on the diving board and then just when I thought we were home free, all three kids said "Let's get back in the pool!" So we trooped back down there and everyone (but me! hooray!) jumped back into the freezing water for a last quick dip before we left. The sun was setting and we had the place to ourselves. So much fun. We changed them into jammies for the ride home and stuck 'em right in bed as soon as we arrived (we were out so late! On a school night! Can you tell we're ready for summer to come already?!). Couldn't have asked for a better weekend!


Sarah said...

So fun! My favorite thing about summer is spending all day at the pool and then showering the kids and bringing them home in jammies where they are exhausted and go straight to bed. Can't wait!

Brooke said...

Sounds like a great day. And mmm caprese salad.

Chiconky said...

What an awesome day! I love it!

sarah said...

LOL, love "I don't trust that water." Sounds like a perfect day!