Friday, May 31, 2013

Teacher Note Outtakes

Dear Amazingly Patient Woman Who Cares for my Child Three Mornings A Week,

Let me begin by apologizing for all the times I forgot his lunch.  I'm not sure how that detail gets overlooked, but somehow it did, a number of times, and you were so gracious to assure me there was leftover food from the teachers' luncheon and it would be absolutely no problem to fix him a plate.  Also diapers.  Sorry about that.  Again, thanks for your patience with me.  And thank Jack, Molly, Sally, Dylan, and Sam for the diapers they must have provided James with, based upon the names I have seen come home written on his cute little diapered bottom in Sharpie.

James so looks forward to coming to school every day that sometimes I find him standing on the porch with his backpack on while I am still in the kitchen looking for the top to my $#@ %#@$ coffee mug.  Despite his (sometimes shockingly resolute) unwillingness to walk in from the car, he is always thrilled to see you and his friends once I get him in the building.  I have loved watching him confidently charge into the room each morning, leading with the tummy as always, flinging his lovey aside as he settles himself in a tiny chair, eager to get started with the morning's blocks or playdoh or My Little Pony activity.  There is no question that he feels happy and loved at school.

And also he probably loves having age appropriate expectations, playing with age appropriate toys, and being the same size as the other kids so at least he has a prayer when it comes to territorial disputes.

I will miss your cheerful greeting, the way you generously have never mentioned that crazed look I have in my eyes as I approach your classroom, gripping a miniature backpack so tightly in my fist that it is shaking ever so slightly as I pass it over the door. 

We will miss you this summer.  No really.  I will be doing everything in my power to resist calling you and inviting you over for coffee at my house at nine every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.  I don't know what kind of magic you do in that classroom, but if you could be a fly on the wall at my house for a few hours there is no way you'd refer to my kid as "My Smiley Boy!!"

But you do, and it makes me so proud and happy to hear.

I hope you have a restful and enjoyable summer break!
(Because we are having another one and WE'LL BE BACK!!!)

With Fond Regards,

Becca and family


SnarkyMommy said...

Love this!

When I saw "outtakes" I was thinking it was notes *from* the teachers, which would also make an awesome post. :)

sarah said...

oh the magical days of summer are upon us. Fun!

Chiconky said...

I really hope you gave her this! So much better and more genuine than my typical, "Thank you so much for everything!"
We were ALWAYS in the red with diapers at daycare. It got to be ridiculous.

Sassy Apple said...

As a teacher, I hope you gave her a copy of this. She will treasure it always.

Kyla said...

Very cute!