Sunday, May 19, 2013

If you think the thought of the fridge being in the living room all week is making me twitchy then you don't know me at all! (sarcasm)

Had a little bit of everything this weekend. Plumbing emergencies, bleeding mouths, teeball, Grandma and Grandpa's house, lots and lots of takeout, and through it all, Ryan was tiling our kitchen floor. We've wanted to tile the kitchen and the adjoining bathroom and laundry room and replace the gross, cracked brown vinyl ever since we moved in and figured that two months before the new baby and right now before I start on the hardest work thing I've done in a long time is the perfect time to tear the kitchen apart.

You may remember that we figured it was also the perfect time to tear the upstairs apart before James was born. We moved into this house during the first trimester of Wes's pregnancy. I did my qual during month eight of Charlie's. So this is more of an unsettling pattern than a crazy whim, I would say.

Saturday was teeball and as I was running around upstairs trying to find everyone's shoes I noticed a worse-than-usual smell coming from the boys' bathroom. I peeked in to find the whole toilet STUFFED with an entire unspooled roll of toilet paper. I knew it was Wes immediately, because it's the third time he's done it this month. This time there was no mercy. I sat on the bathroom counter and watched him pick every last piece out with an old pair of grill tongs that we will be keeping just in case this ever happens again. When he said "This is so gross, there's POOP in here!" I didn't even look up from the cuticle I was fussing with and said "That is why we use a normal amount of toilet paper, so we can FLUSH POOP DOWN THE TOILET." OMG you guys, the smell was unimaginable. I think it had been sitting there all night. He continued to work until it was all out then I threw the whole trash can into the big trash can outside. Parenting tip: bathroom trash cans from Ikea are only $3. We've already been through six.

I took all the kids to teeball alone because usually whoever isn't playing in the game plays on the playground the whole time and it's really not that hard to keep track of everyone and I wanted to give Ryan those two hours to work on the floor. The first game went really well. Wes played great and had a great time and got a nice cupcake at the end. Then during the second game (Charlie's) he and James were in the tube slide together and James whipped Wes in the face with his teeball metal. I heard the scream and saw Wes start to move toward the exit to the slide, but didn't really know how bad it was until he turned to face me and I saw the blood running down his chin like a zombie. I was ready to dramatically rip Charlie out of his game to take him to urgent care, but when he finally let me touch him the bleeding had almost stopped completely and I could see that the scratch wasn't too awful. He wanted to go back to the playground and James looked contrite after I gave him the "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO YOUR BROTHER!" routine so I just let it go. Turned out to be no big deal. Except for a lot of blood left on his chin that he wouldn't let me clean off.

That afternoon we had lunch with Charlie's team and a trip to the splash pad with all the kids and one of Charlie's friends. I'll tell you what, four kids is a lot to keep track of on a splash pad. Do you even know how many blue and red rash guards there are out there? A LOT. Next time, I am buying all orange. I had a lot of time to think about this as I stood there in the sun counting to four over and over for forty-five minutes. Even James is apparently now confident enough to zip off across the splash pad to mix it up with kids three times his age. Probably because of his forty-eight months of personal care skills.

Today my mom invited us over after church and after the outdoorsy chaos of Saturday it was so nice to have everyone together inside an air conditioned house doing puzzles and watching movies. A little breath-in time for all my Waldorf friends. We needed it.

Ryan has worked for two days solid on the tile and is about halfway done. The part that is over by the table looks beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished product. Unfortunately what is standing between me and that great moment is an unknown number of days prepping meals in the dining room and storing the fridge in the living room. I put the pads on the nice dining room table and wrapped it in a vinyl tablecloth so the kids don't destroy it but I wasn't able to do anything for the carpet. I should be able to use the counter tomorrow to "cook", but we can't get any food in between the tiles so until they're grouted (next weekend?), there will be no eating in the kitchen. Or breathing in the kitchen. Or walking. Why don't you just climb out that window and go potty in the back yard, OK?

Kids are incredibly helpful with the tilework.


sarah said...

I love how you nest. You don't mess around with washing and folding onesies--you rip up a room. Powernesting.

I love that picture--Ryan really is SuperDad!

Sarah said...

LOL @ power nesting-- Sarah is so funny!

The part that really stuck with me is the tongs in the bathroom because you knew that would happen again. That totally resonates with my life right now.

Stumbling Towards Perfect said...

I know I shouldn't laugh.... but you make your chaotic life seem so fun loving and enjoyable! Like a warm-fuzzy sitcom that I just keep needing to tune into! I love everything about this post!

lonek8 said...

omg, I'm all twitchy just thinking about the ripped up floor and fridge in the living room. And I'm not even going through it! This is why I'm going to have to live with horrible carpeting and run down linoleum forever - the idea of things getting worse before they get better makes me insane.