Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fast Blog

So!  Today is the first official day of work for my research students this summer.  I have never done this before.  Usually I only inflict my incompetence on my own family, so this is new.  I was really impressed with all the questions they had to ask about the papers I gave them to read and their enthusiasm for the subject.  Never thought I'd hear someone say "That paper about the decay of hurricane winds over a narrow island was really cool!"  But yes!  I agree with you!  Go with that!  I need to reread that paper!

I like these guys a lot and I think it's going to be a great summer.  We spent a couple of hours in my office downloading all the software they will need and then I sent them on their way to "figure out how it works" for the rest of the day.  This side of the desk is pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

I have not worked all week because our nanny has been out of town and I thought it would be a good time to whip the house into shape so we can coast for the rest of the summer.  It's been kind of a mixed bag.  I've done a bunch of laundry and cleared out the nursery closet.  I also gathered an entire tall kitchen bag of trash from the upstairs that does not include what was in the trash cans, so that's nice.  Every time I walk around the upstairs now I marvel at how much less it looks like a crackhouse in the opening scene of Law and Order.  Related, I've started making my bed again.

But on the flip side, last night I fell asleep while the kids were watching TV and woke up (in a puddle of drool) only moments before it was time to leave for teeball practice (the last one thank goodness).  So there was no dinner.  None at all.  I had to call Ryan and ask him to bring Sonic to the field.  MOTY.

Today began with a giant Wes and James fight/meltdown that lasted from the time Ryan and Charlie left until pretty much the moment they were strapped into their seats, out of hitting range of each other.  This on the only day this week that I actually needed to take a shower and look presentable.  I muddled through with a mixture of locking James in the bathroom with me, threats about turning off the TV, and doing a really half-assed job of getting ready.  Fortunately I remembered deodorant at the last minute and ran (an exaggeration if there ever was one) up the stairs to take care of it just as James took off a shoe and threw it at Wes as retribution for Wes taking the chair closest to the TV.  Thank goodness I can look however I want to at school because yoga pants and Ryan's old teeshirt were looking like a viable option for several minutes there (I managed a skirt and tshirt.  BARELY).

Also, yesterday I bought Charlie a new booster seat so Wes can have his old one (he packed on four pounds seemingly overnight and is now well above the forty pound recommendation for a high backed booster, also, leaning into the back of the van to unbuckle him was almost definitely going to send me into preterm labor, this is a good change).  James moved up to Wes's big Britax and just for grins I left his big clunky toddler seat strapped into the middle of my car.  That's FOUR carseats in my car at the moment.  CAN YOU EVEN?!

After that moment of verclemptedness I put James down for a nap and when I walked downstairs Charlie was sitting at the island making himself a PB&J and a glass of OJ for a snack like like some kind of independent human person.  So awesome.  Also, whathowwhen?

Oh, and I really need to go get the boys, but remind me sometime to tell you about James's ENT visit, which involved the doctor pulling approximately seven ounces of wax out of James's left ear.  He ACTUALLY SAID "Well, this could be part of the problem" with regards to James's speech delay.  So not only are we not talking to him enough, HIS EARS ARE FULL OF WAX.  James screamed his way through the procedure and it was about the most horrible thing I've ever had to do to him.  Still waiting for him to start speaking in complete sentences.

Pretty sure he's saying "shhhhhhoooooooeeeeee" here.


Chiconky said...

How'd you get Charlie to make his own sandwiches!?! My almost-seven-year-old still struggles to wipe his own butt!

CP said...

Omg, poor James- all that wax!!! I can't imagine having to strap four kids into the car. It will be a small miracle every time you leave your hous :)

Chiconky, please don't tell me that I will be wiping my four year old's butt until he turns seven. YUK, I can't handle it!

Sarah said...

I have ears that are impossible to clean-- no wax ever comes out! Which I did not find out until I was on my honeymoon and the combo of the ocean and the plane ride made me think I had an ear infection and sent me to the hotel doctor-- who had to clean my ears out in front of my brand new husband. SO EMBARRASSING.