Monday, April 15, 2013

Whine and Cheese

I asked Ryan if I complain too much last night, which is kind of a loaded question, and his answer was very telling.  He said "I think, under the circumstances... no.  Not too much."

So this morning as I went through our morning routine I took a mental inventory of Things that are Reasonable Complaints and Things that are Whining.

Things that are Reasonable Complaints:

--my stupid pelvis makes it hurt to walk, stand, squat, or change positions in bed.  And it's getting worse.  This will not go away until delivery, so everyone can look forward to another eighteen or so weeks of heavy sighing when they ask me to do something that is not sit on the couch and eat cookies.  Also, sarcastic answers like "FINE." when people ask me how I'm feeling.  I know they're being polite and friendly, but there's just no nice way to answer this question.

--Charlie and Wes, while completely capable of getting out of bed, dressing themselves, and putting on their shoes, refuse to do so without a lot of intervention and reminding and bitching from me.  This is probably my fault in that I keep up with the reminding instead of, say, having Charlie walk into school an hour late and explain to his teacher that he wouldn't put his shorts on when he was asked to and made the whole family late for everything.  Yes, that would probably put a stop to those shenanigans real quick.  One thing I am not doing is another freaking sticker chart.  JUST PUT YOUR DAMN PANTS ON OMG.  I mean, I asked James to go up to the bathroom and find his shoes and bring them back and he DID IT in less than five minutes.  James!  Who calls chickens "MOO MOO!"

Things that are Whining

--We keep running out of food and I have to keep going to the store for more and the store involves lots of walking, lifting, and carrying.  This is contrary to the slothful couch-sitting, queen ant, eat and gestate lifestyle I would like to fall into.

--This one piece of hair from my hairline would not stop dangling in front of my eyes today.  I could feel it and sort of see it, but never get it to stay out of my face.  This made me irrationally angry.  Finally, I plucked it out it in frustration right in the middle of the grocery store.  I may have muttered something R-rated.  OVER HAIR.

--The trash bag keeps falling into the trash can when I put things in it.  HATE.

--We are out of cookies.

--Laundry.  We have had this conversation before.  The combined pelvis/sternum pain almost tip this into the Reasonable Complaint category, but whatever, it's just laundry.  Do it and get over it.

--I tried to make a grocery list in the car in the parking lot of the store and then something shifted onto my bladder and I had to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW.   I was that idiot run-waddling through the store parking lot, shopping list in one hand, reusable bags flapping behind me.  And it was the third time I'd had to pee since I'd woken up two hours earlier.  So that's where we are now, I guess.

--What.  Is.  That.  Smell?

So, now that I've alienated most of you, I will go take care of the laundry.  And the dishes.  And try to not be such a freaking grouch for the rest of the day.  A breakfast taco would probably help in that regard.

Also, I should end on a high note, because we went to Charlie's school's carnival on Friday and the kids were SO AWESOME I could hardly believe it.  They wanted to do this one thing that was 6 tickets and we only had four tickets left for each of them and Charlie said "No problem, I have had such a good night.  I'll go down the bouncy slide one more time for four tickets."  And then everyone walked back to the car cheerfully, all sweaty and happy and satisfied.  While we were there a lady said to me "Oh, you have three boys?  I am so jealous!  I wanted three boys.  They are the best!" and I thought that was the nicest thing she could have said to me because YES!  Three boys are awesome!  This is not often the reaction I get from people when we are out and about together.  Usually something more along the lines of "DAMN.  Your house must look like a warzone."  So, thanks lady at the carnival!  You are awesome and you (and my three awesome boys) totally made my day.


Sarah said...

I hear you on the morning routine. How many times do I have to ask someone to find his coat? Which I have hung neatly by the door. Or walking to school-- please stay on the sidewalk, let's stay on the path, oh, sweetie can you stay on the sidewalk, GET OUT OF THE DAMN MUD-- ugh.

Alyssa said...

I don't know...those things would all drive me nuts too. I have a very short fuse when pregnant...mostly because I hate being pregnant (means to a end for me), and that certainly doesn't help.

Candy on Endeavor said...

That lady was right! Savor that relationship with your three awesome boys. (Sometimes I imagine them in tuxes, standing up for each other, or on a river trip paddling together, or standing on a mountain top grinning. You know...someplace where they had to put on their own boots, coats and keep track of their own hats, gloves, cummerbunds,wedding bands, what- ever!) haha hugs all around

Brooke said...

I laughed at your queen ant, eat and gestate lifestyle because... yeah. I totally get that.

News 4 You said...

DLF Woodland Heights

CP said...

Ha ha ha!! I laughed the hardest at the part about James finding his shoe in five minutes even though he calls chickens "moo moo." I love your writing. LOVE. Please write a book!

Also, I really want three boys. I am very envious of people with a bus load of boys. (call me crazy)

CP said...

Ha ha ha!! I laughed the hardest at the part about James finding his shoe in five minutes even though he calls chickens "moo moo." I love your writing. LOVE. Please write a book!

Also, I really want three boys. I am very envious of people with a bus load of boys. (call me crazy)