Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer in April, when it's usually already summer in Texas

We're all very eager for warmer weather to stick around so we can start complaining about how it's always so stupid hot in Texas, so this weekend we marched bravely ahead into the freezing wind for the first teeball game of the season. A season that apparently starts with me wrapped in a blanket and ends with a sunburn. At any rate, kiddie teeball is the cutest sport ever invented.


Wes's team, the Hot Rods, in the 3-4 division, went first. It was predictably adorable, given that Wes is one of the oldest kids on the team. Kids were running to the wrong bases, kids were sitting with the wrong teams on the benches, and when against all odds, one kid smacked a solid line drive well beyond the baseline, ten little heads swiveled to watch as the ball whizzed past them but no one went after it until the coach shouted a good natured "Go get the ball guys!" Wes LOVES teeball. He has a crazy-serious base running face and a hilarious outfield hip-dance. No one is paying attention and the kids are three feet tall. What could be better?


The slightly more professional 5-6 league was the next to play. These kids have mostly, you know, heard of baseball before. Charlie had an awesome coach last year who focused a LOT on fundamentals and for the first time it looked totally natural when Charlie fielded the ball, wound up, and threw it to first base starting with his little foot in the air, throwing the ball across his body with perfect follow-through. I may have yelled "YEAH!" so loud some of the other parents turned around to look at me. There are still lots of hilarious tiny kids playing teeball shenanigans, like the way five kids all fling themselves on top of the ball and fight over it every time someone hits it. And the way they randomly walk off the field to go to the bathroom.


We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at home, cleaning up and cooking for our friends' dinner visit. I bought the first watermelon of the season and it was PERFECT (I was waiting for them to get below $5, an indication that they were in season and ready to eat. Early watermelon: one benefit of living so close to Mexico, sustainability FAIL!).


Friends came (Wes's Godparents) and we had a picnic. They pointed out that we had known each other longer than all but one of the kids. I love friends like that.


We celebrated Ryan's birthday a bit early (somehow I could not get those numbers to face the right direction. Also, James is frequently without a shirt and/or pants, if not now then when?


And then we all went to a minor league baseball game. This is the only picture I have of all three kids. And that is Charlie leaning on Ryan's legs, not Charlie with giant man-legs. It was a little bit hectic keeping everyone together and watching the game every once in a while, but everyone had a blast.


James always likes our friends better than us.


After several hours of running around the lawn area barefoot and rolling down the hill, (and occasional game watching!), we got home at 10:30 and stuck everyone in bed straight from the car. I had to line them all up in the shower assembly-line style the next morning to get off the dirt that covered their legs and bare feet all the way up to their shorts lines before church. They also still had grass in their hair. Which reminds me I should probably go wash their sheets.

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Candy said...

T-ball is really cute, I agree! Good luck on your upcoming 8 months of least you have a trip to EBB in your future! Hugs!