Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fun Facts

1.  Sternal Trauma 2013 continues.  After a painful day chasing kids on Tuesday I went to the after-hours doctor who said "Well, since we can't do an X-ray we can't rule out a stress fracture or a bad sprain, but my money's on a bad contusion.  It'll take between one and three weeks to feel better."  Since I'm knocked up I get to use a lot of Tylenol and ice instead of a lot of Advil and Cabernet, which is disappointing.  He also suggested trying not to carry heavy things and to get more rest, which is hardly worth mentioning because LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO MY ENORMOUS TWO YEAR OLD, DOCTOR IMPRACTICAL.

2.  Charlie has had a long string of good days at school!  We've been big jerks about bedtime and make sure he eats a good breakfast, but I sorta think that something just clicked one day because even on days I think are going to be terrible he comes home like "Yeah, I had a good day and finished my work" like NBD, I was BORN finishing all my work.  Also, his coloring has improved DRAMATICALLY which was a huge point of contention at the beginning of the year as we struggled to find a balance between "You should behave professionally in the classroom and always do your best" and "COLORING IS NOT AN ACADEMIC SKILL."  Now if we can just find that library book I'll be able to look his teacher in the eye again.

3.  Ever since I scheduled his speech evaluation with ECI for the end of the month, James has been picking up words left and right.  Ryan's been really working on animal sounds with him and he's been coming downstairs every morning saying "MOO MOO?" and pointing at the dining room, which is quirky, but does not make a lot of sense.  Finally I figured out that he can see deer behind our house from his bedroom window.  All four-legged mammals are either cows or dogs and he calls Wes "Yes."  Two year olds kill me.

4.  The kids were having lunch in my office the other day and one of the students came by and said to Wes "Hey, you want to see something cool?" and Wes is always up for anything so he dropped his sandwich and ran after him.  He came back ten minutes later saying he had fun but giving me very little information.  Turns out the students were using him to test the strength of the geodesic dome they built for a competition.  Now they know it can support a 40 lb load!   And it won the competition!  He should definitely be listed in the acknowledgements.

5.   The terrifying ramp up to my summer project has begun.  Some things have gotten easier (one of my trips was canceled), and others are still really overwhelming (giant stack of things I have to read and convince my students to read and understand, I do not know what I am doing, etc.).  The thing I'm most apprehensive about is the workshop I go to in June in which I will "live in the dorm, simulating the life of a student."  Which means lots of walking around and scheduled meal times.  Two things I cannot do right now are:  1) Lots of walking around (having some issues with my pelvis like the ones I had with James except that that time it started at 30ish weeks not 20ish weeks like this time and also I got winded WHILE LECTURING yesterday.  Tres attractive.) and 2) Predict when I will be hungry.  Let me rephrase: I am hungry all the time, so in addition to the three normal meals, there is a high-protein and usually inclusive of avocados 10 am snack that is an absolute must and also a  mid-afternoon snack requirement.  I'm thinking lots of granola bars.  And avocados.  And a Rascal scooter.  Hopefully the old stern-u-rooney will be back to normal by then so I don't have to take fifteen pillows, my ice packs, and my huge bottle of Tylenol with me to my dorm room.

6.  I've been working with my Ph.D. advisor to get this one paper from my dissertation out the door for the last three years.  Wednesday afternoon, at my desk in my bedroom while the kids watched Wild Kratts downstairs and James slept, I clicked SUBMIT on that puppy and it is officially on it's way to being reviewed (and likely summarily rejected, but let's hope not!).  It was a good feeling.  Afterward I ordered a pizza for delivery because we had no dinner in the house.

7. For work today I chose a highly spring-like ensemble of black maxi skirt, black and gray striped tunic, and black scarf.  The pink shirt I had on originally was making me crazy.  I am turning into Morticia Adams, but there's just no way to reconcile the brooding academic look with "fresh for spring".

8.  Eighteen weeks IS NOT A FREAKING LOT OF TIME.  Dude.


Sarah said...

I hope you feel better soon-- that sounds terrible!

My Target has a random granola bar display in the front of the store right now, and I have been getting all of my nutrition from Kashi bars (all flavors delicious!) or Cascadia organic granola bars-- so good! You should stock up for the dorms.

Anonymous said...

I had pelvic pain during pregnancy and found a hook that totally helped. Relieving pelvic pain during and after pregnancy. Has a few simple exercises. Doing them made a huge difference in maintaining function during second pregnancy.
good luck.

Anonymous said...

Book not hook. Oops

Chiconky said...

Nature's Valley Protein bars are pretty delicious. Totally in awe of all your professional accomplishments. Way to kick work/family butt!!

Candy on Endeavor said...

your summer is off to an exciting start...I agree w/ Sarah, Kashi Bars are wonderful!

Hugs to Ryan above all but also Charles, Yes and Tug! PS: your banner is about to be obsolete, it still says James is a sweet baby! I guess you might wait 17 or 18 weeks to change it, but could start thinking about it now!

Brooke said...

LOL to the Rascal scooter. Yes, please.

Sorry about the sternum pain though, seriously. That's rough.

Major congrats about sending off the article. Dude, that in itself is a feat. I finally got a yes on the revise-and-resubmit article, so the agony is worth it in the end. :)