Sunday, April 28, 2013

A different kind of perfect weekend

Due to an unusual confluence of events, this weekend was a little on the overscheduled side.  To most people, it would probably have been fine, by Ryan's and my natural inclination is to ignore the kids until about eight while we sleep late, have a leisurely breakfast at home, turn on the TV for the kids while we linger over our coffee in the kitchen for another thirty minutes or so, then putter around in the back yard until Sonic happy hour, MAYBE swing by Goodwill on the way home to look for deals, then grill something for dinner.  Perfect Saturday.

In contrast, this Saturday began with a teeball double header from 9-11, followed by a friend's birthday party at 2, followed by Ryan's company picnic at a minor league baseball game at 6.  All good things and all things we didn't want to miss.

(I managed to sneak in a Goodwill/Sonic trip BY MYSELF while Ryan stayed home with the big boys and a napping James after teeball and it was GLORIOUS!  I scored an Ann Taylor Loft tiered navy maternity skirt for SEVEN DOLLARS.  Have it on right now.  Feels like jammies.  Total win.  Also got some mom-pris which are pretty great too in a throw-em on with a t-shirt kind of way.)

We dressed the kids like pirates as per the invitation (SO FUN) and sped over there.  As soon as we arrived Charlie and Wes jumped out of the van, ran the entire circumference of their culdesac, and disappeared into their back yard.  I caught up with them thirty minutes later in the bounce house.  We had such a good time that I knew we would long overstay our welcome like we always do and that we would be leaving with at least one screaming child (this happens every time.  We are delightful guests).  Sure enough an hour after the invitation said the party was over and only twenty minutes before the company picnic was set to begin we reluctantly tore ourselves away from our friends. And I do mean "reluctant" and "tear."

Harper's Party
Moments after I asked them to "Go find your shoes and say thank you to the hostess, please!"

We stopped briefly at home to get something for the kids to change into that wasn't a pirate costume and that wasn't covered in cake, mud, and juice and then we were on our way to the ballpark. I had about ten minutes of total satisfaction watching the kids get so excited to be at the game, the nice breeze, the warm sun, the happy crowd, the nice hamburger dinner they gave us.

And then we went to our seats to "watch the game" where the freaking bottom fell out and James and Wes had an hour-long deathmatch for the seat next to me while Charlie peppered Ryan with non-stop questions about how the game works (sidenote: all those questions were the highlight of Ryan's YEAR). We made a break for it about halfway through the fourth inning.

(Another sidenote: We ran into some friends from church as we were dragging (literally in at least one case) three unwilling children up the steps and out of the stadium.  Today when we saw them at church the wife said "I didn't realize you were having another baby, what great news!  You guys are such laid-back parents, I know it'll be great!" which I thought was generous given that the last time they'd seen us I was dangling a four year old by one arm saying "WALK.  PUT YOUR FEET DOWN AND WALK RIGHT NOW OR THERE WILL BE NO STORIES TONIGHT.")

And then today, we had church (another situation from which Wes had to be bodily removed for egregious behavior issues), then I had lunch with a friend, a really wonderful scientist friend that I've known since high school.  After we discussed my summer research I told her "That conversation was so wonderfully refreshing I feel as though I've taken a nap!".  She came over after lunch and showed the kids the engine of her hybrid-electric car and showed them how to check the oil.  You can see why she's one of my favorite people!

Once she left we had about ten minutes to get ready for Charlie's choir spring show at 4.  As is our custom, we were ten minutes late dropping him off to warm up and all just a little annoyed at each other, but we had a great time and the kids did a really good job.  Charlie is so proud of his choir and I love when we can go watch as a family.

So that was fun, but bedtime was a MAJOR hassle and the week is about to start again and I never thought I'd say this but I am kind of looking forward to the end of school and it's attendant 6:00 alarm clock.


Chiconky said...

Posts like this make me think we'd get along pretty well :) I was told that I was "so pulled together" literally minutes before my son (and cart) went wildly careening into traffic and my daughter nearly peed in the parking lot. Also, goodwill is one of my favorite places ever!

CP said...

An action packed weekend! Your Saturday mornings are similar to ours. When the kids wake up at the butt-crack of dawn, I give them breakfast, turn on cartoons, and return to bed! :)

Sarah said...

10 minutes late and a little annoyed-- that's us, too!