Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring BREAK

Yesterday morning we were cleaning up breakfast and musing about how bad we both wanted to go on an adventure that day, so I went online and told Ryan if I found a hotel with a good rate near the Riverwalk in San Antonio that I was going to take it. Ten minutes later we had a four star room at a Hyatt an eighth of a mile from the Alamo for a hundred and thirty bucks. Within an hour we had loaded a suitcase, our swimsuits, and some completely clueless kids into the car and were on our way.

First step of discount hotel shopping, don't tell them how many people you are traveling with. In true spring break style, we crammed five people into a room with one king bed. We carefully avoided the front desk area as we carried our sleeping bags and James's sleeping tent through the lobby, but I think the housekeeping staff might have been on to our game.


We also watched a lot of Sponge Bob because we are classy.

The other great thing about the hotel was the unlimited lemonade in the lobby. Ryan thinks that, given the touristy nature of our location, we drank about sixty dollars worth of lemonade. Cha-CHING!

We headed to the Alamo...


...where it just happened to be the weekend they have all the Battle of the Alamo reenactors demonstrating what life was like around the time of the Texas Revolution and also shooting off cannons. And asking for helpers from the audience. Like Charlie.


Wes and I were long gone by this point, because he was not able to cover his ears from the loud noise and suck his thumb at the same time, but Ryan stuck around because Charlie, the kid who won't eat chicken because it makes him so sad, was totally enthralled by the artillery.

Here he is just hanging around after packing the cannon with explosives. Like he's done it a thousand times.


Getting comfy with the twelve-pound gun.


He will not let us wash this "powder burn" off his face. Fortunately, the hotel pillowcase did most of the job.


After another lemonade break, we went for an informative boat tour.



It was so relaxing that Wes fell asleep with his head in my lap so we walked back to the hotel to have some lemonade and rest before dinner (Mexican food, naturally) and this delightful family picture (Thanks for that, Wes!).


James went to bed sort of on time and the rest of us watched a movie (we slid his tent into the vestibule by the door which was kind of away from the TV, then again he's kind of used to getting left out of movie night because he's not so into TV right now). The kids were happy in their sleeping bags, although Wes kept mumbling "I miss home" as he dropped off to sleep, which, yes, if I was sleeping in a sleeping bag on a hotel floor instead of in my cozy bed and soft mattress I'd probably miss home too. Then again there's almost never fresh squeezed lemonade in our house, let alone an unlimited supply, soooo, enjoy the sleeping bag, kiddo.

They heralded the morning bright and early at 6:30 (old time) by turning on the radio, opening the curtains, turning on the bathroom lights, and slamming the toilet seat. So restful! Ryan ran out for bagels because we were nowhere near ready to take the show on the road.


All of the kids spent a significant amount of time standing in front of this window with almost nothing on. I'm sure the fancy hotels just LOVE The Priceline people.

We spent the rest of the morning herding everyone through the Alamo (had been too crowded the day before) and attempting (unsuccessfully) to get them to be quiet and reverent through the tour before giving up and taking them to lunch and then HOME. There are no pictures because it was CUH-RAZY. Everyone but Ryan slept the whole way home.


sarah said...

I LOVE impromptu trips! Glad you had fun!

Chiconky said...

What a fun, impromptu adventure! I love all the nakey kids in front of the windows :)

Candy said...

it looks like Wes is saying, "I coulda been a contendah!"

which is a line from an old Marlon Brando maybe On the Waterfront I think.

A. said...

How fun, what a great spontaneous thing to do!

Brooke said...

Charlie is so awesome. That family picture is darling and Wes made me laugh out loud. Sounds like a fun weekend!

Sarah said...

I love your family picture-- hahahaha! You look fantastic, BTW!

sarah said...

scrolled past this again, trying to figure out where I left off, and I have to say, James' face in the picture of the 3 boys in front of the Alamo? OMG PRESHUS!!!! He looks like a cranky pirate. Love it!