Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter, there are many pictures

You know what's so fun about having us as neighbors? It's the way my kids like get all loaded up on chocolate then spill into the front yard at 7 AM on a holiday weekend to throw cascarones at each other. We were throwing the cascarones inside, but the massive amounts of confetti that were getting ground into the carpet were making even ME twitch. This is why it's a good idea to always wear pants to family celebrations (cough James cough), even if you don't have anyone visiting.


Here's a pleasant suburban tableau: A house. A minivan. A basketball goal. A shamefully unkempt garden. A kid winding up to throw a confetti-filled egg directly at my head.


You know what goes well with chocolate is more chocolate, that's what I always say, says James. Also, cascarones and no pants in the front yard. And watching the sun come up.


Later we stuffed them into fancy clothes and took them to church, where Charlie was struggling to overcome a disappointment that occurred right as we left the house. A sweet, smiling picture of the three boys was not to be had.


This one breaks my heart.


This was a little disappointing to me because LOOK HOW STINKING CUTE THOSE TINY LITTLE TIES ARE!! Fortunately after church he said "Could we maybe take another picture? Now that I'm not feeling so grumpy?" So we did!


Can you believe there will be a cute little thing in a real live DRESS in these pictures next year? MADNESS!

We managed a respectable family shot.


Wes appeared in the Gap Kids catalog.


Then we went to my parents' for lunch, where there were tons of fun things for the kids to do and lots of yummy food for everyone. And also big cousins to entertain the little ones. A great time.

They made ice cream!


And decorated cakes!



We all ran onto the porch to watch a really cool hailstorm.


And then we tried to take another family picture. The ties were long gone by this point. So was any desire to stand in one place for more than ten seconds. Everyone enjoyed the Charlie and Wes show, however.



This will be our Christmas card. Sorry, new baby, maybe you'll make next year's.


James fell into a ham and mac and cheese coma on the way home then slept on the couch for over an hour despite the whole family talking and Rossby barking around him. He eventually slid off the couch and onto the floor and woke up, but he went to bed almost on time around 7:30 with no trouble. Probably because we were having so much freaking fun this weekend we couldn't possibly stop to let him take a nap. Poor baby J.


So, a belated Happy Easter to you! I better go vacuum some confetti out of the rug.


Kate in Austin said...

I saw you guys before 9:30 church over trying to take a picture. Becca you had your hands above your head waving them around. Love it!

Sarah said...

Happy Easter! Love the crazy family pics the best!

Candy on Endeavor said...

looks like a great weekend! The photos are so great, it is almost like being there...but quieter. HAha!

Hugs to all the guys! xox

sarah said...

i LOVE those pictures! Especially the last one of James sleeping. So sweet!