Monday, February 11, 2013


I had another meeting via Skype today, this time the purpose was for someone to walk me through the process of downloading data from the NCDC onto the server at my old school and then using UNIX commands in some acronym acronym acronym command line thing to get those files on my computer where I could use them to do something useful.  It was extremely helpful and informative and I am miles ahead of where I was an hour ago which was opening a DOS prompt on my PC and typing in the commands they told me to use and then giving up and browsing recipes on the Food Network website.

Couple of things. One: I am going to love being a part of a research group where it's totally cool if your dog sits in your lap and is visible through the entire meeting.

Two: This is my Skype face. Be jealous.


That, my friends, is a look of concentration. Also my UNIX face. Also my "You did what to the sink upstairs?" face. Also my, wow, this shirt is actually quite conservative but it really looks like I'm rocking the J-Lo deep V here face. Scarf next time?

Third thing, these are my (some of my) (barely comprehensible) notes. Ooh, look how technical and complicated, right?


Well, during breaks in the call when the other person had to fix things on their end, I did a little multitasking. This is the other side of the same page.


Worlds! Colliding!

Most productive preschool morning EVAR.


Bridget McCarthy said...

Does that note say "awkward - worth learning?" Because I love your notes. And your dinner menu. I always forget what a big hit breakfast for dinner is. :) Also, I just learned how to skype so I can talk to relatives in Australia, but my skype face is incredibly scary. I'm wondering if I could just hold up a picture of a supermodel.

Sarah said...

I MUST REMEMBER OATMEAL. All I have are the little packets from TJ's, and I have been dying for oatmeal cookies, but I can't remember to get some b/c oatmeal never makes it my list b/c I look in the pantry and see oatmeal and never add it Urgh. Love the notes!

Brooke said...

Does that say "male directory"? That sounds potentially sexy.

Good work for a preschool morning! I like any work that includes a snuggling dog.

Erica said...

I skipped analyzing your notes in order to tell you that your haircut is cute.

Kyla said...

"Male directory" is like "binders full of women"? (couldn't resist even though I'm 99% sure it says "make")

I am no good at Skype because I want to look at myself the whole time to make sure I don't look dumb. But then I look dumb because I'm looking at myself.

We made the PW meatballs recently for spaghetti. Not bad!